Future of Humanity

Human consciousness is going through a massive transformation right now, and at Saadho, we are all seeing a ‘Vision for New Humanity‘. Sri Anish says, “it is time to raise our collective consciousness and to create a new humanity on earth. This new humanity must be rooted in the true human spirit of ‘Dharma-law of nature & well-being for all”. This he says, is the only way to create a sustainable, nurturing & harmonious life on earth.

‘Future is always born from the womb of the present’

Message for 2023

This year belongs to Bharat and to everyone who feels to rebuild ‘Bhavani Bharati – भवानी भारती’ as a guide (मार्गदर्शक) for the entire global civilization.

For the new beginning, I wish:

May the sacred love (प्रेम) awaken in your heart

May the selfless service (सेवा भाव) be an inspiration for all your actions

May the wisdom of renunciation (त्याग) liberate you from all attachments,

With this, may you realize your true nature of


(सत -चित-आनंद)

About Sri Anish

About Sri Anish

There were a series of mystical events during my childhood, but at that time neither I nor my parents really paid much attention to these. It is much later that I began to understand the significance of those experiences, I call them ‘ways of the grace’.

This started when I met my first friend, and we both talked for hours every day for next few years-this friend was a stone Shiva Linga, whom I found at the age of 3 from the river Ganges when my grandmother took me to Haridwar for a customary dip. It was probably my first spiritual initiation in this life.

Upcoming Event

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23 FEBRUARY, 2021 | 4PM – 6PM

Upcoming Event

Mystic Within Retreat 2022

3-day immersive retreat in the Himalayas with Sri Anish. An opportunity to be in a profound meditative space and to help us move from “Asatya to Satya of Life”.

17th to 20th SEPTEMBER, 2022

“Every choice that we make in life is like preparation of the soil, soil of the heart to embrace all unknowns of life.”

Sone Ki Chidiya – A Web Series to Awaken India

Sone ki Chidiyais a 9 part web series to awaken the people of our country and particularly the new generation by reminding them about the forgotten glory of India’s culture, civilization, heritage, wisdom and scientific abundance.

Each episode:

Will re-ignite a sense of acknowledgement, pride, and gratitude for India and its age-old wisdom (that is still unbeatable and relevant in today’s time).

Will share the historic facts of damage caused by British invaders through systematic destruction and plundering of our heritage, culture, spiritual and education system, wealth, and wisdom.

It is Sri Anish’s vision to re-establish Dharma (highest wisdom) as the basic principle for living

Sri Anish’s first book

Let the mud settle

Juggling between our family commitments, work demands, social obligations, our own ambitions and to create a secure future, somewhere in this busyness we forget to live in the present moment. An endless loop of the past and the future does not allow us to take a pause, and realize this Now-ness which is the only reality that we have.

In this ‘make-believe’ world, where our minds are burdened with ever increasing desires, where our fears govern our choices, where the pendulum never settles in the middle… our inner-being is getting tired, It needs to be nourished and liberated. It is our birth right to experience joy, peace and happiness amidst all of this, not as passing moments but as our everyday reality. And if we want to find the way, we surely will.

Let the Mud Settle is a sacred journey, which will revive the joy of living.

Upcoming Event

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23 FEBRUARY, 2021 | 4PM – 6PM

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23 FEBRUARY, 2021 | 4PM – 6PM

Leadership Awakening Program

Sri Anish has initiated corporate programs to directly work with top leadership to bring this awakening & help create a renewed corporate vision & culture, which is rooted in the highest Dharma/wisdom. Currently these are two programs – ‘Mystic Within‘ and ‘Master Peace‘. These programs are created & delivered by Sri Anish to suit the current needs & future vision of leadership teams in respective domains.

Mystic Within

Mystic Within

A program to prepare ourselves to bring much more stability, clarity & direction in our personal & professional lives. And explore answers to some of the most pertinent questions…

Master Peace

Master Peace

MASTER PEACE is one such life transforming program, that establishes & demonstrates the direct connection of Happiness with the synchronicity of Head, Heart and Hands.

E-Learning course on

Life Essentials – Purpose of Human Life

Blueprint for a blissful and fulfilling life

The Purushartha are the four key aims of human life or the four pursuits… it is an exploration to live a life of eternal love, peace and bliss. In this magnificent blueprint, every dimension of human existence – every need, every desire and emotion is given its due place.

So let’s go on this ancient journey, which is more relevant today that any other time in human history… A journey where we can get clarity on the purpose, path and pitfalls of this opportunity called Life.

Course Fee: INR 2100

Daan (donation) is one of the highest virtues, inculcating it allows you to experience a profound ‘sense of oneness’

All donations are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

May all the beings, in all planes of existance, achieve their highest Sukha (well-being); And the highest Sukha for any being is freedom from illusion & limited-ness; And the realization of eternal truth & ever-expanding sense of oneness.



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