"There cannot be an awakened future, without a present that recognizes, respects, learns from and takes pride in its glorious past."

Sone Ki Chidiya - Naya Bharat, Nayi Udaan

A 7-Episode Television Series Aired on DD National from 12th August to 23rd September 2023, Hindi

Directed & Narrated by Sri Anish, the aim of ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ series is to awaken a sense of belonging & pride in the people for our great nation and remind us about the forgotten glory of India’s culture, heritage, traditional knowledge systems, civilizational values, wisdom, wealth and scientific abundance.

आदि गुरु महादेव के आशीर्वाद से, भारत का यह जागृति गान,

माँ भवानी भारती के चरणों में, तथा सभी देश वासियों को समर्पित |

Song: Jai Bhavani Bharti - Anthem of Awakening

Sone ki Chidiya - Naya Bharat, Nayi Udaan: Title Song

भारत के इस जागृति गान को घर घर पहुंचाहिए

और जागृति के इस आंदोलन को अपनी प्रेरणा बनाइये |

Here's a profound & powerful song composed as 'Anthem of Awakening - to 'Awaken the spirit of Bharat' and create a deep sense of belonging for 'Bharat' in every listener's heart. And inspire us to rebuild Bharat as ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ again.

'Future is always born from the womb of the present'.

Vision for New Humanity

Human consciousness is going through a massive transformation right now, and at Saadho, we are all seeing a 'Vision for New Humanity'. Sri Anish says, "it is time to raise our collective consciousness and to create a new humanity on earth". This new humanity must be rooted in the true human spirit of 'Dharma-law of nature & well-being for all". This he says, is the only way to create a sustainable, nurturing & harmonious life on earth.

Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom by Sri Anish, from different talks, articles, blogs...

Latest Talks

Satsanghs and Sanidhiya with Sri Anish

नवरात्रि में शक्ति दर्शन कैसे हों ?नवरात्रि में शक्ति के दर्शन के लिए आपकी दिनचर्या कैसी होनी चाहिए, आप अपने आचरण, विचार और व्यवहार में क्या ऐसे परिवर्तन करें जिससे आपको देवी के दर्शन हो सकें और उनका आशीर्वाद मिल सके।
कोटा आत्म - हत्याओं का मूल कारण और निवारण।कोटा में इस साल अब तक 23 बच्चे आत्महत्या कर चुके हैं। पढ़ाई और प्रतिस्पर्धा के अत्यधिक दबाव में बच्चों का मानसिक स्वास्थ्य बिगड़ रहा है। परिवार से दूर रहना,पाठ्यक्रम का दबाव, एक दूसरे से गलाकाट होड़ को बढ़ावा देने वाली शिक्षा व्यवस्था-क्या है बुनियादी वजह? और कैसे इस परिस्थिति को अगले पाँच से दस वर्षों में बदला जा सकता है। जानिए श्री अनीश जी से।
How fears impact our expressionsAre we able to express ourselves authentically? Our work, relationships, way we dress - is it allowing us a free flow of expression or is it hindering the flow of expression?
How Authenticity leads to Blissfulness?Are we a true expression of ourselves? Or Are we the apples that are trying to be orange? What are the moments when we feel really happy, joyful or thrilled?


Articles written by Sri Anish, published across various news & blog sites.

Swami Vivekananda: A Young Man of 30 Years and 130 Years of Impact
The first Indian Guru to go to the USA and deliver a speech that changed the future course of spirituality for the Western world. It was on, 11th September 1893, that Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous speech at the World Parliament of Religion, Chicago. He changed the Western outlook towards Bharat’s Sanatan Dharma and once again repositioned Bharat as ‘Vishva Dharma Guru’. Read Sri Anish’s full article...
Mahalaya Amavasya
Pitra Moksha Amavasya: How life is a continuum that neither begins with birth nor ends with death
Between one’s death and taking the new incarnation, there is usually a cooling-off period. This is when the departed ones (Pitrs) are available, and when during the Shradh days the cosmic portal opens up, we can utilise this time and offer our prayers, gratitude etc. to our ancestors. This portal opening becomes most active during the Pitra Moksha Amavasya...


Articles written by Sri Anish, published across various news & blog sites.

A Profound Lesson from Full Moon - Journey Towards Spiritual Completion
A Profound Lesson from Full Moon – Journey Towards Spiritual Completion
The key question is whether we are progressing towards inner spiritual completion by embracing the full range of human possibilities. This is what the moon and its cycles symbolize.
Not just ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’, but ‘Bhavani Bharati’ too: How freedom lies in the thought process
It is time we take charge of our own mindsets, our own narratives and do not allow any foreign influences to come in our way.

"Every choice that we make in life is like preparation of the soil, soil of the heart to embrace all unknowns of life."

Transformative Leadership Talks

Leading Change through Purpose

Specially crafted talks/conversations for educational institutions, corporate businesses, social institutions & top leadership events.

Intent of these talks is to bring spiritual awakening, life- transforming discussions around: inspiration, collaboration, inclusiveness, peace, harmony, happiness, oneness and practical tools to help us all transition towards more evolved beings.

"The growth of a forest depends on the healthy growth of every individual tree, similarly, the growth of a business depends on the deeper evolution of every human being in its eco-system."

Transformational Leadership Retreats

Leading Change through Purpose

Corporates: L&T, Maruti, inMorphis, many more ...

This retreat equips our leaders with special set of evolved capabilities in order to L.E.A.D. purposefully.

LEARN: not just to ‘deal’ with the change but to joyfully ‘deliver’

EVOLVE: not just to ‘deliver’ but to create a nurturing ‘impact’

AWAKEN: not just to create an ‘impact’ but to purposefully ‘inspire’

DISSEMINATE: not just ‘inspire’ but to create an upwardly spiral ‘collective transformation.

Sri Anish says that 'he hopes more and more organizations start to actively invest in the spiritual well-being of their people, to him this is our collective Dharma'.

Conscious Initiatives

for Massive Global Transformation

7- Day Meditation Program at Tihar Jail

Tihar Jail, a high-security prison, where our first meditation program last week with the inmates. Many of them were convicted of murder and other such charges and have been in jail for over 13-14 years. As we started the program, there were uncertainties as to:

How will they receive this?

Will they participate fully?

Open up? Understand?

Practice? Adopt?

Or will they just come for the sake of it?

But we realized they came to learn, to challenge their own belief systems, to open up, to experience inner liberation and to evolve. By the end of third day, there were tears, laughter, hope, hugs and longing for more frequent and longer-duration programs. Sri Anish's inner knowing is proved once again that,

'Every human being wants to learn, grow & evolve, we all are seeking truth, awakening & eternal bliss.'

"This is the Yuga of Naad and in this Yuga, realizing the eternal truth, consciousness & bliss through Naad is the easiest, simple and direct way”.

Saadho Naad

Saadho Naad is a ‘Sound Offering’ to the divine inside each listener.

Latest Chants & Mantras

Monthly Purnima & Amavasya Yajna with Food Offerings

At Saadho Ashram, Dharamshala

Purnima (Full Moon) Yajna

“Every full moon is a reminder and an invitation to attain our own पूर्णता”, with this as the root understanding we have initiated, Purnima Yajna, Chanting & Meditation with Sri Anish. Full moon is an auspicious day when the energies of the universe are conducive to help seekers touch the inner silence.

This event is organized every Purnima around 10am to 1pm. Followed by food offerings prepared by the saadhaks.

Amavasya (New Moon) Yajna

Every Amavasya is an intense period of silence & sadhana. An excellent cosmic event to be utilized by all meditators. On every new moon we organize Yajna, chanting and meditation with Sri Anish followed by prasad offering.

This event is organised every New Moon, around 5:30pm to 8pm. Followed by food offerings prepared by the saadhaks.

Let the mud settle

Sri Anish's first book

Our minds are constantly burdened with ever increasing desires on one hand and fear governing our choices on the other—and the pendulum never settles in the middle. Our inner being is getting tired; it needs to be nourished and liberated. It yearns to experience freedom, peace and happiness.

In an easy-to-relate and conversational narrative, Let the Mud Settle shares deep insights, beautiful stories and contemporary teachings to lead you to your true self.

The book will guide you to achieve lasting peace, connectedness, happiness, mindfulness, and most importantly, liberation from limiting mental conditionings.