Saadho is a vehicle guided by the vision of Sri Anish, to enable multiple initiatives towards ‘raising the collective human consciousness’.

These initiatives range from; satsanghs (spiritual teachings), retreats, corporate leadership programs, mentoring, community building, youth empowerment, value education for future leaders at higher education institutions, meditation programs, yoga courses, healing through sound, kirtans & chants, community food service, media production, Indic wisdom & content publishing etc.

There is a very beautiful and powerful mantra at the core of all Saadho’s initiatives:

‘Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu’

‘May all the beings, in all planes of existence, achieve their highest Sukha (well-being).

And the highest Sukha for any being is freedom from illusion & limited-ness;

And the realization of eternal truth & ever-expanding sense of oneness.

Vision for the New Humanity

2020-21 has been a huge wakeup call, to wake us upfrom deep slumber of; sense if separation, I-me-myself, disrespecting life, destroying nature and acting god.

For the first time in human history…

Time is Looking at Us with Hope

As collective humanity, we have the necessary intelligence & tools to decode the clear cosmic messages and re calibrate our existence on Earth.

What is Needed – Is An ‘Inspired Will’

“Your passion must be rooted in the soil of your heart, then every action will be the manifestation of just pure love.”

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