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Every human being is carrying a deeper inner knowing, a guiding map, a sort of GPS which carries a profound clarity about their life. There exists an ocean of evolutionary possibilities within each one of us.

In the depth of our inner ocean of evolutionary possibilities

lies the Ananda (bliss) that we all are seeking in our lives.

But we just don’t know how to activate it and access it. All through our life we keep accumulating layers of pollution in the form of mental conditioning, physical habits and behavioral patterns that take us away from our inner being, from where the unconditioned and infinite Ananda emerges.

There seems to be something missing in the way we are living our lives. Maybe we are chasing the wrong things or maybe our pursuit is in the wrong direction.

Namo Abhyasa

a Self-Purification Yogic Practice to achieve Ananda

Namo Abhyasa is a simple, yet powerful yogic practice designed by Sri Anish based on his inner experience during years of sadhana in Himalayas.

Namo Abhaysa helps achieve the constant state of Ananda through the process of Self-Purification.

- Self-Purification brings Clarity in the Mind

- Clarity in the Mind brings Understanding of One’s Life Purpose

- Understanding of Life’s Purpose brings Ananda (Bliss)

The key elements of the Namo Abhyasa Process:

Physical Movement/ Body Activation

Ancient Yogic Techniques

Chakra Activation

Activation through Sound


Namo Abhyasa is designed in such a way that it can be practiced by everyone on a daily basis.

Benefits of Namo Abhyasa (if practiced daily)

With regular practice of Namo Abhyasa you will experience its profound practical benefits manifested and experienced on your own body, mind and vital energy.

Quietened mind and inner peace

Clarity of mind and an understanding of your potential & purpose

Joyful harmony in your relationships

Heightened awareness and sharper focus

Discipline in your daily routine

Note for Namo Abhyasa Practicioners

It is a beginner level practice. Those who have been initiated into some other meditation can also practice Namo Abhyasa. This technique will not interfere with any of your other spiritual routines.

Namo Abhyasa is taught by trained practitioners, who have been initiated under the guidance of Sri Anish. Currently Namo Abhyasa practice is delivered in institutions, colleges or in Saadho Retreats. If you would like to know more or get initiated into Namo Abhyasa, please connect with us on


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."




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