“When the divine gives you a vision, it also prepares you to fulfill that vision. In this case, it took me almost 15 years of preparation and a feeling of endless wait”.

This is how Sri Anish shares the creation and consecration of the Swayambhu Shiva

Three months before the consecration, when we dug the foundation, it created a round heap of mud in the middle, and right on top of that heap, we placed a Trishul (trident), suddenly the place started looking like an ancient shiva temple site, open to the skies, one side was adorned by the mighty Dhauladhar mountains and on the other side was an infinity view of the valley. From that day onwards, the energy of the entire place started transforming, and a profound sacredness started filling the space around. All the sangha meditators started gathering here every evening to light a lamp and incense on top of the heap and sit in silence. We started feeling a strong Shiva presence already, it appeared as if Shiva himself had chosen this space and had already made his abode here.

The Consecration of

Swayambhu Shiva

Within a few months the temple structure started taking shape and on MahashivRatri 2022, the consecration of Swayambhu Shiva happened. On 15th July 2022, the Swayambhu Shiva Dhyan Mandir construction got over and the doors were open to welcome the meditators and seekers to experience the profound presence of Shiv-tattva here. Swayambhu Shiva Dhyan Mandir is a very powerful and high-vibration space. Here, meditation happens on its own, and deep inner silence grace every seeker.

Om Rudraya Namah

Some Glimpses of Swayambhu Shiva Dhyan Mandir

“Your passion must be rooted in the soil of your heart, then every action will be the manifestation of just pure love.”



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