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Message for 2023

This year belongs to Bharat and to everyone who feels to rebuild 'Bhavani Bharati - भवानी भारती' as a guide (मार्गदर्शक) for the entire global civilization.

For the new beginning, I wish:

May the sacred love (प्रेम) awaken in your heart

May the selfless service (सेवा भाव) be an inspiration for all your actions

May the wisdom of renunciation (त्याग) liberate you from all attachments,

With this, may you realize your true nature of


(सत -चित-आनंद)

On Yoga Day 2022

On Yoga Day Sri Anish shares with Life Positive Magazine that there is much more to Yoga than performing a series of contorted poses. It is a way of life and a means to achieving ultimate peace

On Earth Day 2022

This Earth day let's pay our gratitude to Mother Earth. Feel the unconditional love & nurturing that she gives us. And now she too needs our love & compassion. Feel this & let the right action emerge from your inner being.

'Raise Our Collective Consciousness, and Create a New Humanity on Earth'


With Mystic Mag Magazine on ‘Sri Anish and his Work’

"Saadho is a vehicle guided by the vision of Sri Anish, to enable multiple initiatives towards "raising the collective human consciousness." Sri Anish shares some of his experiences and views on life, death and collective consciousness."

Edition: May, 2022

With Life Positive on "Awakening with Sri Anish"

By not being able to relate to Nature or have gratitude for it. By wanting the economy to grow at nice per cent annually for decades and centuries. How can we have unlimited growth with limited resources? It is unsustainable.

Edition: August, 2021

In Conversations

Education must help us evolve | Re-establishing Indian education & learning fundamentals

Rebuilding the Education foundation based on the 4 Human Pursuits: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Sri Anish in conversation with Dr. VP Singh, sharing his vision on bringing a 'Revolution in Education'

On "Vision for the New Humanity" with Editor of Life Positive Magazine

In this power packed interview with Shivi Verma, editor of Life Positive magazine, Sri Anish shares his views on multiple questions ranging from his Vision for the New Humanity, what all it involves, should India become a Vishwaguru, is spiritual upliftment possible amidst huge degradation of values in our modern society & rampant corruption & finally 'can Swami Vivekananda’s be created'?

Edition: November, 2021

'Decoding the Power of Resilience'

Sri Anish on Bharat Positive Show, Fever FM

In this cyclical life of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, is there really a hack to break out of this loop?

Listen to this beautiful conversation between Sri Anish and RJ Sharat on the Fever FM's Bharat Positive show to know this real mantra of living a life full of Ananda (bliss).

In the Book – Let the Mud Settle

Sri Anish with Dr. Karan Singh

In this candid conversation with Sri Anish, Dr. Singh launches the book and very beautifully shares his experience of reading it and recommends it to any & everybody who wants to lead a meaningful, joyous and evolutionary life.

From Involuntary Hearing to Voluntary Listening - In Conversation with Dr. VP Singh

"Unmindful listening = Not listening".

One of the most fundamental things in any relationship is open, honest and heartfelt communication. Communication is not about how you speak, but, rather, about how you listen. Listening here means being attentive, authentic and non-judgmental. So reflect on your own life and see are you missing this authentic 'Art of Listening'

Sri Anish with Nupur Kholi

How will readers get benefitted from this book? What inspired Sri Anish to write this book? What is the significance of the title 'Let the Mud Settle'? In this insightful conversation, Sri Anish respond to these questions & gives us a sneak peek into his new book 'Let the Mud Settle'.

"Your passion must be rooted in the soil of your heart, then every action will be the manifestation of just pure love."


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."



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