There was a series of mystical events during my childhood, but at that time neither I nor my parents really paid much attention to these. It is much later that I began to understand the significance of those experiences, I call them 'ways of the grace'.

Namaste Friends,

I was born in Delhi on 3rd Nov 1975. It was early evening time and whole neighborhood was preparing to celebrate the big festival of Deepavali. My parents were really happy to bring me into this world on such an auspicious day.

We had a humble house in Delhi, I grew up with my parents, elder brother & my grandmother who was a very strict religious Hindu lady-observing all prescribed fasts, poojas, daily temple visits, feeding cows & brahmins regularly.

There were a series of mystical events during my childhood, but at that time neither I nor my parents really paid much attention to these. It is much later that I began to understand the significance of those experiences, I call them 'ways of the grace'.

This started when I met my first friend, and we both talked for hours every day for next few years-this friend was a stone Shiva Linga, whom I found at the age of 3 from the river Ganges when my grandmother took me to Haridwar for a customary dip. It was probably my first spiritual initiation in this life.

Second Initiation

This was followed by my sudden interest in playing with breathing & voluntarily stopping it for prolonged periods. On certain days, this breath work used to happen for almost all my waking hours. This was also a phase when I started observing that most of the time, my mind was empty of all thoughts and I used to often observe the content of my mind-emptiness. I must have been 7 years.

This was probably my second initiation into the practice of pranayama from Patanjali's yoga tradition and simultaneous initiation into the practice of developing witnessing consciousness from Buddha's teachings.

Third Initiation & First Encounter with Death

My 3rd initiation happened when for the very first time I met or rather saw a realized being, this was 'Maharaj Charan Singh ji', the then spiritual head of Radha Soami movement.

My parents had taken deeksha from him and one day they took me to one of Maharaj ji's satsangh. After satsangh, I was in the queue for darshan and the moment I came in direct line of sight with Maharaj ji, something happened, our eyes were locked in a long embrance, with smile on the face and moist eyes, the line stopped for a few seconds.

After that event, I remembered the whole satsangh word by word and on many occasions quoted some sentences from it to my parents and their satsangi friends. Listening to Maharaj ji's word & voice was magical, I was blessed because recordings of his various talks would continue to play in our house for many more years to come.

When I was around 9-10 yrs. of age, I saw one of my father's close friend in our neighborhood die a very painful death from throat cancer. During his very last days, I did visit him twice with my father. That was my first encounter with death. It stayed with me and perhaps changed something in me silently.

During my school days, I was also fascinated by Shri Guru Nanak ji & the way Gurudwaras were set up to sing soul stirring kirtans & dedicated to serve & feed people.

Ways of the world

Slowly this phase subsided and I became involved with the ways of the world; study, competition, career, success & ambition etc. After completing my MBA, I entered into the corporate world and soon realized that I cannot do a job. This was the beginning of enterpreneurial days; an eLearning company, a software development firm, consulting business & a fund for seeds investments were some of my entrepreneurial pursuits.

In the middle of all this, certain very powerful mystical experiences started happening, I was not doing any particular sadhana at that time. And then I witnessed the death of my grandmother & my maternal uncle, they both were very close to me. Suddenly the past initiations & experiences came back with such a force that it became impossible for me to be in the corporate world anymore. As if, somebody was waking me up and saying, 'be ready for the work that you are here for'. Nothing made sense, neither the world of career, success & wealth nor this strange restless calling.


A great sense of vairagya took over, my heart was aching and I felt a strange uncomfortable emptiness. I knew that our current ways of living life and pseudo relations with one another & with the whole cosmos is not how it was meant to be.

I felt that life and travelled around India like a nomad and finally decided to create a small base in the Himalayas. Next 10 years were of deep longing and spent in sadhana; very little social interactions, long periods of retreats, contemplation, inner enquiry, meditation and silence.

During this period, I was systematically lead from one spiritual master to another and was guided to traverse multiple spiritual traditions. I was graced by Guru Nanak, Osho, Ramana Maharishi, Rama Krishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Rumi, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva and many rishis from our ancient past.

And then the message came to start to travel, meet people, talk, write & share what has been received. This was the start of my intense travels to many countries, to learn & understand the spiritual fabric of our collective humanity.

Last few years, I have been actively engaged with regular public talks, satsanghs, meditation retreats, podcasts, interviews, writings & building a community. This journey is continuing and I'm now entering into the 2nd phase of this work.

You can read more about it in my vision for the new humanity section.

Vision for the New Humanity

2020-21 has been a huge wakeup call, to wake us up from deep slumber of; sense of separation, I-me-myself, disrespecting life, destroying nature and acting god. For the first time in human history...

Time is Looking at Us with Hope

As collective humanity, we have the necessary intelligence & tools to decode the clear cosmic messages and re calibrate our existence on Earth.

What is Needed - Is An 'Inspired Will'


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."



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