Retreat, "Re-treat" means when you treat yourself by taking a step back; to breathe life, reflect, learn, connect, expand, nurture and recalibrate yourself with the renewed vision, will & energy.

Under Sri Anish's guidance and his loving presence, every retreat gathering becomes deeply meditative which helps the participants to connect with their own real self and experience the joyful abundance of life. It's a sacred process to cultivate more heartfulness, compassion and joyfulness in our lives.

Filled with profound conversations, daily yoga practice, soulful singing & chanting, silent sittings & guided meditations. These are deeply enriching retreats to experience the true essence of who we really are.

Mystic Within 2022

Our life-transforming & immersive retreat with Sri Anish just got concluded in Dharamshala. Joined by meditators and seekers from different walks of life, this retreat took everyone through an intensive yet joyful process of finding the self. We explored the mysteries of the mind, matter, and consciousness to realize the MYSTIC WITHIN.

Delighted to share some glimpses from these 3 days of dialogues. meditation, yogic practices, chanting, and singing, eating & dancing together in the lap of Himalayas.


'Raise Our Collective Consciousness, and Create a New Humanity on Earth'

Master Peace 2022

A retreat that helped us experience 'Peace' a profoundly joyful, stable and clear state of being. Meditators and seekers learned how to attain this peace, how to establish in this coherence of mind & heart, and truly have a purposeful existence emerging from this inner peace.

All great human endeavours, solutions & intuitions comes from this peace, and all great relationships are based on this peace. This peace is the secret of success, impact & human well-being.

Master Peace is a 3 Days process of dialogues, learning powerful tools & meditation techniques, yoga practices, chanting, kirtans and Peace.


"Your passion must be rooted in the soil of your heart, then every action will be the manifestation of just pure love."


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."



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