Leadership Awakening Programs

“It is my vision to create, nurture & inspire more self-aware & awakened leaders.”

If our society needs to be spiritually uplifted for better peace, prosperity & harmony, then our leaders from all walks of life must be more inclusive, self-aware and awakened. These awakened leaders in-turn will create positive waves of impact at every layer of our society.

Our Flagship Programs to Create Conscious Leadership

In this Yuga, business & economics are an important part of our lives, so Sri Anish has initiated corporate programs to directly work with top leadership to bring this awakening & help create are renewed corporate vision & culture, which is rooted in the highest Dharma/wisdom. Currently these are two programs – ‘Mystic Within‘ and ‘Master Peace‘. These Programs are created & delivered by Sri Anish to suit the current needs & future vision of leadership teams in respective domains.

These are retreat based program on “Mastering Self”

Mystic Within

“The solution is much closer than we can ever imagine.”

A program to prepare ourselves to bring much more stability, clarity & direction in our personal & professional lives. And explore answers to some of the most pertinent questions…

Master Peace

If you do not learn to transform your emotion, then you transmit it.

A powerful program for current & future leaders to ‘Master Peace Within’ by bringing Clarity in the ‘Mind’, Acceptance in the ‘Heart’ & Purpose in the ‘Being’

Keynote Speaker & Guest Lectures

Specially crafted talks/conversations for educational institutions, corporate businesses, social institutions & top leadership events in different domains. Intent is to bring spiritual awakening, life- transforming discussions around; inspiration, collaboration, inclusiveness, peace, harmony, happiness, oneness and practical tools to help us all transition towards more evolved beings.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Help audience connect with themselves
  2. Share pointers to develop a stable base and positive outlook
  3. Equip audience to deal with the challenges of ‘Our Complex World’
  4. Create a state of Happiness, Harmony & Wellbeing.

Corporate Leadership Talks

These are high powered CXO level events, where Sri Anish holds an insightful conversation with top industry leaders on various topics ranging from integrating science & spiritually, compassionate leadership, role of emotional resilience for CEOs and such other life transforming & institutional culture building themes.

Listen to Past Leadership Awakening Talks

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Every choice that we make in life is like preparation of the soil,

soil of the heart to embrace all unknowns of life”



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