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“The Purpose of Human Life – The Four Purushartha”

Blueprint for a blissful and fulfilling life

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Life Essentials – Purpose of Human Life (The Four Purushartha)

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An Invitation to the Course

Namaste Friends,

We are in a very powerful and significant incarnation – the human life. It is powerful because only in this incarnation are we given the necessary intelligence, tools and will-power to craft this life towards its ultimate possibility.

But in order to do that, we need the road map; we need to know the blueprint to navigate in this world of constantly changing forms, of attractions and entanglements, of fears and illusions, of security and ambitions and of skewed perceptions.

Thousands of years ago, in an Eastern land – India, many seers and yogis were exploring the same theme, they too had experienced the same range of conflicting human emotions, and in the deepest realizations they found the road map. A perfect blueprint for human pursuits – which in Hindi they called ‘The Purushartha’

The Purushartha are the four key aims of human life or the four pursuits…it is an exploration to live a life of eternal love, peace and bliss. In this magnificent blueprint, every dimension of human existence – every need, every desire and emotion is given its due place.

I call this ‘Life Essentials’ … because without this, our life becomes a chain of random and accidental sequence of efforts, dejection, momentary pleasures and of constant mental suffering.

It is my deepest wish to share this blueprint of human pursuit, The Purushartha with all of you. This knowledge does not belong to any particular religious, sect, society or nation. This knowledge belongs to the entire humanity of its highest good. That is the nature of Truth, isn’t it?

So let’s go on this ancient journey, which is more relevant today that any other time in human history… A journey where we can get clarity on the purpose, path and pitfalls of this opportunity called Life.

With much love and blessings,

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Life Essentials – The Purushartha

An Invitation

Chapter 1: The Invocation

Chapter 2: Introduction to Life Essentials – The Purushartha

Chapter 3: The four Purusharthas

Chapter 3a: What is Purushartha – Revision Notes

Chapter 3b: Importance of this Teaching

Module 2: Dharma (Righteousness)

Chapter 1: First Purushartha – Dharma

Chapter 1a: Dharma (Righteousness) – Revision Notes

Chapter 1b: Dharma in a single statement

Chapter 2: Attributes of Dharma

Chapter 2a: Dharma Attributes Chart

Chapter 3: What is Not Dharma ?

Chapter 3a: Few attributes of that which is anti-dharma

Chapter 4: Significance of Dharma Understanding

Chapter 5: Difference between Individual (Sva-Dharma) and Universal Dharma

Chapter 5a: Individual (Sva) Dharma – Revision Notes

Chapter 6: Story of Dharma – Monk and a Scorpion

Chapter 7: Meditation on Light of Dharma

Lesson 8: Recommendation

Lesson 8a: Questions to contemplate on

Lesson 9: A quick reminder of Dharma definition

Module 3: Arth (Wealth)

Chapter 1: 2nd Purushartha – Pursuit of Arth (Wealth)

Chapter 1a: What is Arth (wealth)? – Revision Notes

Chapter 1b: The Divinity of Arth

Chapter 1c: Abundance – The Divine Attribute

Chapter 2: Let the pursuit of Arth be established in Dharma

Chapter 2a: Questions to contemplate on

Chapter 2b: Reality check

Chapter 2c: The flawed Economic Model

Chapter 3: One of the significant causes of ‘Sense of Lack’

Chapter 4: A friend asked about ‘Lack vs Flow’

Chapter 4a: Lack, Abundance & Flow

Chapter 5: Sense of Community vs Economics

Chapter 5a: Wealth can bring Suffering – Pointer

Chapter 5b: Reality Check

Chapter 5c: Collective Copyrights

Chapter 5d: Is money becoming a barrier?

Chapter 5e: Our idea of Wealth generation

Chapter 6: The Prevalent class system in England

Chapter 7: What happens if pursuit of Arth is not based on Dharma?

Chapter 7a: Reminder: Definition of Dharma

Chapter 7b: Beauty & Significance of Arth

Chapter 7c: Caution in the Pursuit of Wealth

Module 4: Kama (sense pleasure)

Chapter 1: 3rd Purushartha – Pursuit of Kama (Sense pleasures)

Chapter 1a: The Kama (sense pleasures)

Chapter 1b: Sense pleasures or Kama is like a beautiful door

Chapter 2: From entanglement to fulfillment – Food & Taste

Chapter 2a: Beauty of Kama

Chapter 2b: Significance of Kama

Chapter 3: What happens if the pursuit of Kama is not based on Dharma

Chapter 3a: Caution in the pursuit of ‘Kama’

Chapter 3b: Questions to contemplate on

Chapter 4: The flow of pursuits – one enables the other

Chapter 5: Meditation

Module 5: Moksha (liberation)

Chapter 1: A recap of Dharma, Arth & Kama

Chapter 2: A deeper understanding of Relationships

Chapter 2a: We have a relationship with everyone and everything

Chapter 2b: Love is the Dharma

Chapter 2c: Why do relationships become cause of suffering?

Chapter 3: 4th Purushartha – pursuit of Moksha (Liberation)

Chapter 3a: Moksha – a unique word

Chapter 3b: How Arth & Kama leads to Moksha?

Chapter 3c: Reality check