Ashram is a tapo bhumi, a consecrated space and a blessed environment for sadhana, which allows the sincere aspirants to experience their own inner silence, sacredness & oneness.

Inception of

Saadho Ashram

After 15 years of intense wait by Sri Anish, it was in 2022 beginning he shared that the time has come to build a Shiva temple. On 28th Jan 2022, the work started, and the temple began to take form. And, on MahaShivratri, 1st March 2022, with Shiva’s blessings – in the lap of Himalayas, we consecrated the – Svayambhu once again, but first time in this life. And from that day, Shiva and his energy took over this entire space and the space got transformed into a sacred space (an Ashram) for seekers and meditators to dive within themselves to discover their eternal Self.

Saadho ashram is located in a small village named Banouru in Dharamshala. Hidden from all the hustle, bustle and business of mankind in a small forest-type setting, blessed by the holy Himalayas on one side and vast expanse of the valley on the other side. At a distance, you can hear the sound of a flowing Himalayan rivulet. Lush green trees surround the ashram and create a beautiful canopy.

To transform this space from a piece of land to an ashram, all sadhaks came together and poured their energies – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially & spiritually. As in old times, there used to be a saying that all the dwellers of the village used to put their share of bricks for the temple to be created in real sense, this came true for these saadhaks. With the mandir’s creation and the transformation of the space, something got transformed in each one of us as well.

A space integrating different paths of sadhna

Saadho Ashram is a non-residential space. The center stage of the ashram is Swayambhu – The Shiva Mandir, the driving force of all the works, initiatives and vision of Sri Anish.

Sri Anish has a unique way of preparing, guiding and awakening saadhaks on the path, not through any monologue teaching, but rather by helping them experience their own inner journeys (anubhav and anubhuti) by training them on all four paths of Yoga: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Dhyana Yoga and Gyana Yoga.

Here, we have a small office space, we call ‘Kirat Kutiya’ where Karma – Yoga is practiced. Here, ashramite saadhaks work on various conscious projects like:

Sone ki Chidya – tele series to Awaken Bharat

Bodhshala: A revolutionary movement to bring consciousness in education

Leadership Awakening Programs based on Indic wisdom

Production of various conscious literature & media and much more.

With the bhava of ‘Annam Parabrahmam Swarupam’ morning breakfast and lunch is cooked and shared by the Ashramites together along with guests, if any. With the same bhava there is food offerings on every Purnima.

A lot of exploration is also happening on Naad – the Sound-based meditation with the Saadhaks. Sri Anish says that “This Yuga is of the Naad. Many sound-based meditations will bring much deeper & quicker harmony within every human being and the world around.”

Every day there is a collective meditation and chanting in the evenings at 6pm, these are open meditation sessions and ‘All are Welcome’.

At this space, which we call Saadho Ashram, we dwell in a sacred inner bhava and feel, that there is divinity in every aspect of our life, all we need to do is, dive within and discover it.

Regular Events at Saadho Ashram

Daily Meditations:

There is collective meditation and chanting at 6pm (Monday to Saturday) at the Swayambhu temple, where all are welcome to participate.

Purnima (Full Moon) Yajna, Meditation and Food Offering

“Every full moon is a reminder and an invitation to attain our own पूर्णता”, with this as the root understanding we have initiated, Purnima Yajna, Chanting & Meditation with Sri Anish. Full moon is an auspicious day when the energies of the universe are conducive to help seekers touch the inner silence. So, let’s utilize this monthly cosmic phenomenon and be guided towards our own पूर्णता.

This event is organised every Purnima around 10am to 1pm. Followed by food offerings prepared by the saadhaks.

‘Raise Our Collective Consciousness, and Create a New Humanity on Earth’

Amavasya (New Moon) Yajna and Prasad Offerings

Every Amavasya is an intense period of silence & sadhana. An excellent cosmic event to be utilized by all meditators. On every new moon we organize Yajna, chanting and meditation with Sri Anish followed by prasad offering.

This event is organised every New Moon, around 5:30pm to 8pm. Followed by food offerings prepared by the saadhaks.

Swayambhu – Shiva Mandir Timings:

Swayambhu temple is a silent space. Those who would like to experience and be in its presence are welcome to meditate here. Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

If you feel connected and would like to know more or experience the ashram, please connect with us on +91-79821 52013 over WhatsApp.

“Your passion must be rooted in the soil of your heart, then every action will be the manifestation of just pure love.”



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