Daan (donation) is one of the highest virtues, inculcating it allows you to experience a profound 'sense of oneness'.

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Spreading the light of awakening—Sat-Chit-Ananda—has always been a collective work.

We all need to pour a part of ourselves into raising the collective human consciousness. This is our karma, our niyati, our life’s work, this is what we live for and we know we are not alone; many are already becoming part of us. There is nothing more satisfying & joyful than to witness someone’s inner transformation.

This light will reach many continents in years to come and will add much love, laughter

and peace to everybody’s life.

Your contribution will go a long way to make it happen.

Support Saadho Sangha Foundation

Saadho Sangha Foundation is a vehicle guided by the vision of Sri Anish,

to enable multiple initiatives towards ‘raising the collective human consciousness’

which is his Vision for the New Humanity.

Satsanghs & Sanidhiya (Spiritual Teachings & Presence)

Satsangh is an ancient process; most direct & profound for facilitating inner transformation. It is a sacred space where Sri Anish allows everyone to be part of a collective presence and together a great exploration happens, sometimes in words but many times in silence too.

Leadership Awakening Talks/Programs

If our society needs to be spiritually uplifted for better peace, prosperity & harmony, then our leaders from all walks of life must be more inclusive, self-aware and awakened. These awakened leaders in turn will create positive waves of impact at every layer of our society. These talks & programs are rooted in a renewed vision & culture, which is rooted in the highest Dharma/wisdom.

Meditation Retreats

Help us connect with our own real self and experience the joyful abundance of life. Filled with profound conversations, daily yoga practice, soulful singing & chanting, silent sittings & guided meditations. These are deeply enriching retreats to experience the true

essence of who we really are.

Youth Empowerment Programs

H3H – Integrating Head, Heart & Hands – These are specially designed programs to equip the youth to deal with all the present and future situations and take charge of their lives.


Creating Value-based Education for Future Leaders at Higher Education Institutions. An education based in Dharma (highest wisdom) as the basic principle for living.

Sound Circles

Well-being & Healing through Sound, Kirtans &Chantings. Sound well-being helps in achieving harmony with Self, the Society and our Environment.

Sone ki Chidiya: a Saadho Media Production

An attempt to awaken the people of our country and particularly the youth by reminding them about the forgotten glory of India's culture, civilization, heritage, spiritual wisdom and scientific abundance.

Community Food Service

Offering food to larger community is a beautiful tradition of Bharat. We at Saadho use every occasion as an opportunity to do food offering. Food that is always prepared with deepest love & prayerfulness & shared with utmost gratitude & compassion.

There is a very beautiful and powerful mantra at the core of all Saadho’s initiatives:

May all the beings, in all planes of existence, achieve their highest Sukha (well-being); And the highest Sukha for any being is freedom from illusion & limited-ness;

And the realization of eternal truth & ever-expanding sense of oneness.

Our heartfelt gratitude for your support.


All donations are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."



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