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Bharat needs a new set of Leadership development programs, which must create a perfect synthesis between our civilizational values and the current needs of our organizations and society

Working of Conscious Institutions

Every institution and organization is a living entity with a soul of it's own. It feels, behaves, and grows as any other life form. Collectively these institutions build the soul of the nation.

The individual soul, character and behavior of these living entities are created by the collective consciousness of the people who are the building blocks of these institutions.

That is the reason, these living institutions must be led very consciously and holistically, by the leaders who themselves are highly Perceptive, Intuitive and Self-aware.

Sri Anish's Vision for Bodhshala

With this understanding at the core, we believe, the time has come when every institution must start to invest in 'awakening the consciousness', to begin with, at the leadership level. In the last couple of decades, much work has gone into creating; a great culture in the organizations, keeping teams motivated, investing in team’s physical well-being etc.

But now it is time to start to nourish 'Roots of the Self' – Sri Anish call it - The Consciousness', a state or a source from where all intuition emerges, a source which once activated, transforms every Confusion into Clarity, Obstacles into Opportunity and Tasks into Dharma.

Bodhshala - Conscious Leadership Academy

Bodhshala is a vision of Sri Anish to learn from our ‘Indic Wisdom and co-create conscious leaders’. He calls this process of leadership awakening: A science, an art, a Yagya of sorts and an ancient proven model of conscious leadership.

Center of Excellence for Conscious Leadership

Along with this, Bodhshala will also establish ‘Center of Excellence for Conscious Leadership’ at select world-class universities and educational institutions, thereby integrating the academic strength as well.

Setting up these CoEs will also enable the future leaders i.e. the student community and the youth to participate and benefit from this vast wisdom. This will help our youth to evolve their understanding, expand their worldview and become the conscious leaders and nation-builders of tomorrow.

Phase 1 - Implementation

In the first, phase of its work, Bodhshala will work primarily with four direct cohorts:


Corporate Leaders


Academic Leaders and Faculty


Bureaucratic Leaders


Entrepreneur Leaders


Meet the Bodhshala Team of Elders and Content Leaders

Our team consists of a panel of celebrated academicians and industry experts who are dedicated to bringing a change in the world of education.

Sri Anish

A Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Leadership Mentor and Author

Dr GP Rao

Founder of Good People Relations; Workplace Synergy Facilitator and Mentor

Dr. VP Singh

Distinguished Professor to Business Schools, Advisor to Private Universities; Executive Coach & Mentor of PCC ICF and Chairman of Asia Coaching Network

Ms. Indra Sood

Entrepreneur, Founder of Sopaan and Principal Consultant of Rubicon Learning Systems

Sh. Advesh Mishra

Founder and Board Member of The NorthCap University, Gurugram

Sh. Brij K Chandiramani

Co-Founder & MD, Rubicon Learning Systems

Sh. Vijay Ghei

Design Thinking Evangelist; Independent Consultant; Visiting Faculty - Hult, IMD, SOIL, GLIM, MDI

Sh. Naveen Coomar

Founder & Managing Partner of Naveen & Naveen Consulting

Sh. Anant Kasibhatla

India’s #1 Focus & Memory Coach; Corporate Trainer; International Speaker and Author

Sh. Sreeji Gopinathan

Chief Information Officer

Lupin Limited

Sh. Mandeep Yadav

Leadership & Career Transition Coach, Founder of

Mind Purpose Leadership

Ms. Neelam Dhaka


Mat India Technologies

Sh. Ankur Bhatia

Co-Founder of wellcure.com;

Corporate Health Coach and Yoga Therapy Expert

Uniqueness of Bodhshala - Key Differentiators

1. Bodhshala has been initiated by a spiritual institution (Saadho) under the guidance of (Spiritual mentor) Sri Anish

2. Bodhshala's programs are prepared by:

  • Team of meditators who themselves have been corporate leaders in the past.
  • The current corporate leaders who are on the path of conscious awakening.
  • Researchers and leaders from Academia.
  • Experts from the field of Yoga & Meditation.
  • Experts from the field of Integrated healing and well-being.

3. Bodhshala is a synthesis of Spiritual practitioners, conscious corporate & bureaucratic leaders, and conscious academicians.

4. Bodhshala's program faculty too is a mix of these three groups.

Key Impact of Bodhshala's Programs

See the ‘Larger Picture and create a Higher Purpose’

Transforms all Conflicts and Confusions into Clarity

Be more Conscious; Attentive, Inclusive and Inspired

Move from Impulsive to Intuitive


Integrate high impact personal well-being practices of Yog, Meditation & Yog Nidra

Recalibrate the Self: Bring Inner Coherence of Body + Mind + Heart

Develop ability to build Nurturing Relationships

Build High Performing and Coherent Team Culture

Operate from Inner Spaceof Harmony, Peace and Joyfulness

Bodhshala's 'Center of Excellence for Conscious Leadership' @ Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur

The launch event of this historic MoU signing between Saadho’s Bodhshala team and Banasthali Vidyapith on 6th February 2024 in Delhi, was not just a launch event but a process of ‘creating a higher vibration’ that has already started to sow the seeds of ‘conscious awakening’ in our institutions and leaders.

The unconditional support of all our friends and well-wishers from the corporate, academic, government, entrepreneurial community and so many others on the launch event has already proved the urgent need, the enormous success/impact that awaits and the right timing to initiate this civilizational work.

We heartfully invite you to be part of this conscious leadership movement:

  • By contributing your (skills, knowledge & resources) to this initiative.

  • By joining Bodhshala’s programs of deep inner learning and conscious awakening.

  • By spreading the word and enabling Bodhshala’s programs to reach every leader & every institution.

The Core Team

Sri Anish

Spiritual Teacher | Visionary | Leadership Mentor| Founder Saadho Sangha Foundation


Key Faculty Profile

Sri Anish

Spiritual Teacher | Visionary | Leadership Mentor | Founder - Saadho Sangha Foundation


An ex-CEO & successful entrepreneur, who moved to the Himalayas for his deeper spiritual quest. Sri Anish has dedicated himself to help humanity bring a deeper understanding of Sanatan Dharma as the foundational principle of life by bringing value-based clarity, purposefulness & focus to world leaders, youth & future leaders.

Key Initiatives

Bodhshala | Sone ki Chidiya | Healthshala | Author- Let the Mud Settle

Dr. G.P. Rao

Founder & Managing Partner GPR HR Consulting LLP


Key Faculty Profile

Dr. G.P. Rao

Founder & Managing Partner

GPR HR Consulting LLP

Dr GP Rao had worked for 37 years in HR/ General Management with SAIL, JK group, Birlas and Reliance group in India and Malaysia, before venturing into Capability Development Consulting in 2014.

Awarded in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka for HRD contributions, he's actively involved with Rotary International, BNI, KIIT University, Destination Boardroom, Match Board, Bharatiyam and Saadho.

Sh. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra

Former DIR HR, IOCL Chair, IFTDO, Geneva


Key Faculty Profile

Sh. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra

Former DIR HR, IOCL Chair, IFTDO, Geneva


With extensive experience in the energy sector, specifically as Director (HR) in Indian Oil, Sh. Mohapatra has been instrumental in its growth. A strong advocate for power of possibilities, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, fostering remarkable team achievements & organizational excellence. Known for his strategic acumen and motivational abilities, he now serves as Chairman of (IFTDO), Geneva.

Dr. Alka Mittal

Former CMD and Director HR ONGC


Key Faculty Profile

Dr. Alka Mittal

Former CMD and Director


Dr Alka Mittal Former Director HR ONGC became the first woman to lead ONGC as CMD, ONGC Group of Companies and emphasized on excellence in Governance, with a focus on ethics and sustainability.

Recognized in Fortune Global Top Ten Women CEOs 2023, she's received accolades like the Inspiring CEO of India Award and HR World Thought Leaders 2022 by Economic Times.

P. Dwarakanath

Former Chairman-GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd


Guest Faculty Profile

P. Dwarakanath

Former Chairman-GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd

Sh. P. Dwarakanath showcases a distinguished 5-decade career across Engineering, Chemicals, Pharma, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Insurance. His expertise spans General Management, Leadership Development, Human Capital, Legal, and Corporate Governance. He also held pivotal roles in professional bodies, notably as President of NHRDN, DMA, and AIMA's Northern Region, shaping industry standards and fostering organizational excellence.

"In any other way you would like to get associated you may write to us at bodhshala@saadho.org"

"Real education must create a solid foundation for the pursuit of self-knowing & self-perfection, everything else is a by-product."


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."




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