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Open for all Age Groups

7 Online Sessions

Habits to attain YOUR highest POTENTIAL

A 7 Week Transformative Program.

Based on Integration of Modern Science with

Bharat’s Ancient healing practices and holistic way of Living.

Program Format

1 Hour 15mins / Session

Habit building hacks

Once a week

Food-related Tips

Interactive Sessions

Reference Material

Live Yog & Meditation

WhatsApp Community, QnA

Your Learning Journey

Session 1

The Ancient Bhartiya Swasthya Formula

Session 2

Align your Rhythm

Session 3

Your body is not sick, It’s Thirsty

Session 4

Balance - The Body's Fundamental Law

Session 5

Gut- Our Core, Our Healing Centre

Session 6

Fasting is Self Healing

Session 7

Normalizing the Abnormal: Myth Buster

Key Takeaways of Happy Habits Program

Increased Energy

Detoxed Body

Sound Sleep

Optimum Body Weight

Healthy Gut - Healthy Mind

Heal Chronic Issues

Focus & Awareness

Awareness & Calmness

Happy Fulfilled Life

Happy Habits Program is about getting the real understanding of food, holistic health, well-being and the reality about many Myths that have become fad these days.

All 7 sessions are fact based, backed by established scientific research and wisdom from ancient Bharatiya traditions.

It’s all about working towards forming Happy and Healing Habits.


Be a part of this Health Movement

Program Details

Next Batch to be announced soon 🙂

Day & Time: Every Sunday, 8:00 am to 9:15 am IST

100 % Live Sessions on Zoom, Open for all age groups

Program Contribution: ₹ 5,100 ₹4,300 | USD 60

For queries, Call / WhatsApp: +91- 79821 52013

Meet The Faculty

Happy Habits

Karan Vir

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and runs a wholesome food cafe in Dharamshala serving food made of alternate grains.

Shivani Saadho

Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist. Trained in the traditions of Bihar School of Yoga and Iyengar Yog.

Swati Saadho

Microbiologist and well-being facilitator working on integrating science with the ancient healing practices of Bharat.

The Faculty of Healthshala

In our panel of experts we have Neuro-therapists, Psychologists, Ayurvedic doctors and Nutritionists contributing in our collective effort towards holistic wellbeing at all 5 levels - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

“In the current world and lifestyle, a new synthesis of Integrating modern science and ancient wisdom is needed for our health, growth, nurturing, performance and healing.

Well-being is not just limited to physical but mental, emotional, intellectual & spiritual wellbeing are important aspects of our health and healing too.”

Our Guiding Forces - Our Mentors

Sri Anish

A Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Humanitarian, Leadership Mentor, Author & Public Speaker

Sri Anish is an ex-CEO & was a successful entrepreneur. In 2006, he moved to the Himalayas for his deeper spiritual quest. After over a decade of intense ‘sadhana – spiritual practices’, in 2017 he was guided to move back into public life to bring spiritual awakening.

Sri Anish has dedicated himself to help humanity transitions to a more evolved version of collective life. His talks & programs bring a deeper understanding of Sanatan Dharma as the foundational principle of life, value-based clarity, purposefulness & focus to world leaders, youth & future leaders alike.

He initiated a nation-building movement through a tele-series called ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’. He also mentors senior leadership of many large institutions & start-ups alike. His first book ‘Let the Mud Settle’ was launched last year and is gaining a lot of appreciation.

Dr. Late Awadesh Pandey Ji

MBBS and Post Graduate in Nuclear Medicine and PHD in radiology, Yog, Naturopath and specializing in Pineal Gland

Dr. Awadhesh Pandey was an Integrated Healer who made a conscious shift based on his deep learning of Bharat’s Ancient healing practices, which he called as AYUSHAN, an extension of AYUSH and stand for – Ayurved, Yog, Unani, Sidha, Homeopathy, Alopathy and Naturopath. He healed people by integrating all these Medical streams. Dr. Pandey was strong preacher of taking responsibility for your own health, where you could be your own doctor. He was committed to shattering the myths surrounding health and autoimmune diseases, and he dedicated his life to help people make lifelong changes to become the healthiest version of themselves possible. He was also the Founder & CEO of The Third Eye (DAP Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences), Dehradun.

Anandi Saadho

Certified Integrated Healing Practitioner, Mantra composer and Sound Based Meditation teacher

Anandi is a Certified Integrated Healing Practitioner. A meditator, kirtan singer, mantra & meditation soundtrack composer and a lifelong student of Indian classical music. She leads Sound (Naad) based meditation sessions and workshops since many years. She composes sound tracks and sound frequencies which aids the healing and recovery process. Anandi is the first torch bearer of the Integrated Healing journey at Saadho. She has been healing and inspiring many people on the beautiful path of self-transformation.

Health is the ultimate gift from nature, and

by being healthy,

we become ONE with NATURE.

~ Anandi Saadho ~

Employee Well-Being Program

Program Details

Program Duration: 7 Online Sessions

Designed for Professionals based on today’s Lifestyle

100 % Live Sessions on Zoom

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"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."



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