Sri Anish

A friend, guide, mentor and fellow traveler to many spiritual aspirants across the world. Sri Anish is a loving presence who has brought clarity and joyful intensity to the lives of many seeker friends by helping them uncover their inner conflicts and discover their unique paths in alignment to their own true nature. He initiated ‘Saadho Sangha’ – an ever growing collective of spiritual seekers spread across the globe. This continuous journey towards touching one’s highest potential, leads him to unknown lands of the outer world and to the ever-expanding vistas of the inner consciousness. The flavor of these inward and outward journeys expresses itself in the form of poetry, articles, notes and talks (Satsanghs).

Sri Anish now travels across the world, holding regular satsanghs (spiritual dialogues), silent sittings and retreats with sincere spiritual aspirants. He also conducts self-mastery programs with post-graduate students at various management and engineering universities.

It is Sri Anish’s wish and prayer that spiritual aspirants everywhere must be supported to overcome hindrances with the light of right knowledge. He is also very keen & compassionate to share life’s wisdom with the student community to help them prepare for an authentic, purposeful and impactful life ahead. This he feels is the key, to experience and spread lasting love, happiness and contentment in the world.


I humbly bow down in gratitude,

To all the masters of past, present & future

To all the seekers of ‘light’, across the world, and in every Yuga

To all the beloved friends who have nourished (this being) in some way

And to all THAT, there ever is…

- Sri Anish


Saadho’s work is dedicated;

To that eternal nothingness, from where everything emerges…

To that beginning which is the cause of its own ending…

And to that ultimate Truth, which is ever realised…

- Sri Anish

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The Dharma (nature) of fire is to move upwards, create warmth and to spread the light. This is also the Dharma of each living being who is consciously walking on the path of Buddhahood; to move upwards in the spiritual journey, to create the warmth of love and friendliness, and to spread the inner light of truth and oneness all across.

This understanding of Dharma (the law) has been guiding and inspiring us, and in due time, the seed met the right soil and a beautiful collective took shape in the name of “Saadho Sangha”.

‘Saadho’ in Hindi means ‘Seeker’ and the Bhav (inner feeling/tone) of the word is of ‘calling’ and ‘Sangha’ means a collective. So, Saadho Sangha is a calling and an invitation to all of us, to walk together for the well being of one and all, and add oil to the flame of inner awakening in this life.

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