"A 3-day immersive retreat in the Himalayas with Sri Anish"

These are opportunities created to be in profound meditative space and to help us move from "Asatya to Satya of Life".

In this retreat, we explored and created a deeper connection with our inner mystic - the infinite guiding source. We also learned powerful meditation practices to bring more clarity & harmony between our inner world of thoughts and outer world of manifestation.

असतो मा सद्गमय - Why do we need to embark on the spiritual journey.

Who Am I - who we really are?

Exploring the mysteries of mind, matter and consciousness.

And the essentials - which are often missed.

Sri Anish is an ex-corporate CEO & a successful entrepreneur. In 2006, he moved to the Himalayas & spent over a decade for his deeper spiritual quest. Now, he is a spiritual teacher, visionary, an author, keynote speaker & founder of a spiritual community ‘Saadho Sangha’. His vision is to ‘raise the collective human consciousness’ & ‘connect spiritual wisdom with nation-building’. Sri Anish has initiated many projects in education, youth empowerment, leadership awakening & creating conscious media content to fulfill this vision.

Date: 17th Sept to 20th Sept

Location: Blossoms Village Resort, Dharamshala

Includes Stay & Food & Retreat Contribution

Rs. 23,000

AC Room Twin Sharing (per participant)

Rs. 30,000

AC Room Single Person (per participant)

For any queries, contact our sangha volunteer

Nandini : 9131769893


"Purity of the heart can not only move mountains, it also becomes the seat of the divine."



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