The Truth of Yoga is One...

This world seems like a magical place and this life, very mysterious. In this one world, there is one truth and one reality. But human perceptions are endlessly different. These different perceptions create multiplicity and make us feel and relate with this “one truth” differently. Similarly, the truth of Yoga is one, but it is perceived differently by different people.

For some, it’s a way of achieving physical strength and stability. For others, it’s a way of bringing perfection in (Asana) body postures. Some perceive it as a great body shaping exercise while others as essential practices for a spiritual seeker.

Yoga means “Unity”: It is an ancient science of healing, nourishing and integrating all life energies; physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cosmic. It is the union of the body, mind, breath and individual sense of “I”ness with the collective self. It is a great play of uniting individual consciousness with collective cosmic consciousness.

At the physical level – Yoga brings strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and overall well being

At the mental level – Yoga brings emotional balance, confidence and clarity of thoughts

At the spiritual level – Yoga brings contentment, peace, joy, stillness and a sense of connectedness within and without

Saadho's Offering of Yoga

The practices of ‘Asanas’ and ‘Pranayama’ form the foundation on path of Yoga. Once the body along with five senses is trained and established in stillness and unity, then, the mind is also disciplined by joining the awareness of breath with each practice; this opens the door to enter into deeper dimensions of Yoga.

We have been offering our continuous learning of Yoga in India, UK & Germany by way of drop-in classes, specific courses, Yoga therapies and Yoga retreats.

Yoga as a way of life...

Saadho Sangha integrates all paths of Yoga in a beautiful harmony through its works, offerings and gatherings. From the practices of Hatha yoga, chanting of Mantras, singing divine splendors as Kirtans, dialogues (Satsanghs) to clear the fog of doubts and meditations, to collective works towards the well-being of all, friends of Saadho have been exploring, experiencing and integrating all paths of Yoga as a way of life. And in this process, each friend adapts to a particular path or a combination of paths based on his/her own attribute (Guna) composition.

Eventually a divine integration takes place and every single thought, word and action in our life becomes Yoga.