Five Dimensions of Kirtan

Through our journey of sharing kirtans, we have consistently felt a joy, an ease, a happiness, and meditativeness in ourselves and in the friends we share kirtan with. We wanted to share this beautiful distillation by Sri Anish, a great appreciator of kirtans from all the different tradions, Sikh, Vaishnava, Lovers of Shiva, Sufi, and vedic chanting. We have opened this up as an exploration for us all to dive deeper into our journey with sound to the silence within…

Kirtan is more than just music. Its a journey to uncover the depths within… We’ve discovered that participating in kirtan has incredible effects on many different layers of our being…


Kirtan helps you to come to the present moment. As you start to participate in the process of kirtan singing and chanting, the body comes in harmony with the rhythm and a beautiful centering is experienced.


This is deeper then the physical aspect, because kirtan is sound based, it is vibration. These soothing vibrations affect every cell of your body.

Since it is vibration, it’s affects goes beyond the participant; it affects everybody and everything around you. The positive vibrations of kirtans ripple out.


From the physical, now we are entering into the heart. Through chanting the mind starts to become centered, each cell starts to vibrate at a higher frequency. This is when the door to the heart gets opened.

We start to get connected with the light & divinity within. It is at this dimension when the longing of the seeker for divine becomes purified and intense. This third aspect of kirtans is the dimension of Bhav.


By entering into this process, you start to realise that you are not everything in this existence; you are a subset of the whole. You start to recognize the whole as whole. You are part of it, hence you too are whole.

And you start to bow down to this wholeness of life. The gratitude starts to arise in your heart. The ego start to dissolve and you realize “Thy is everything”.


Once you have touched the door of gratitude, suddenly everything stops. You start to experience a deep silence which you experienced when you were in the womb of your mother.

It is an utmost relaxing silence, which each sentient being is longing for.  That’s the state from where you have come from. This is our innate nature, the absolute love & light filled silence. And this is the fifth dimension, the culmination of kirtans.