About Saadho Sangha

Saadho is an ever evolving collective of friends walking together on the path of inner knowing, loving and blossoming. It is a collective that helps each other stay authentic and intense in their search to find their true nature, the nature of the cosmos.

Saadho has small bases in Dharamshala (India) & London (UK), but the friends of Saadho are wide spread across the globe.

Saadho sangha shares its learning and explorations with aspirants via open satsanghs (spiritual dialogues), retreats in nature, yoga sessions, meditations, sound meditations & kirtans (devotional singing/chanting) and specially designed workshops, which are regularly organised in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, London, Germany and other locations.

As part of Seva (selfless service) initiatives, sangha friends have recently got together to work towards bringing organic food supplies in Delhi NCR. This work is aimed at creating awareness and availability of organic food, its impact on our body mind, the impact of our individual food choices on our health, on

Our Offerings

The spiritual journey is like weaving a fabric, where each thread is as important as the fabric itself. Each thread is unique and ties with other threads to bring the beauty of multiple colors (experiences) in this glorious fabric called life/spirituality.

We are witnessing this beautiful process of weaving—as our sangha, our inner journeys and our offerings of dialogues, kirtans, yoga, meditation and various other programs continue to evolve.

Saadho Sangha's Vision

The Dharma (nature) of fire is to move upwards, create warmth and to spread the light. This is also the Dharma of each living being who is consciously walking on the path of Buddhahood; to move upwards in the spiritual journey, to create the warmth of love and friendliness, and to spread the inner light of truth and oneness all across.

This understanding of Dharma (the law) has been guiding and inspiring us, and in due time, the seed met the right soil and a beautiful collective took shape in the name of “Saadho Sangha”.

‘Saadho’ in Hindi means ‘Seeker’ and the Bhav (inner feeling/tone) of the word is of ‘calling’ and ‘Sangha’ means a collective. So, Saadho Sangha is a calling and an invitation to all of us, to walk together for the well being of one and all, and add oil to the flame of inner awakening in this life.

‘Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu’

There is a very beautiful and powerful mantra at the core of all of Saadho’s initiatives; ‘Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu’ meaning, ‘May all the beings, in all planes of existence, achieve their highest Sukha (well-being)’

Since this mantra is our guiding light and our prayer, we would like to share what this prayer means to us.

Lokah Samastah: There are many planes of existence and on each plane consciousness manifests itself differently. So, the gross plane (like stones, rocks, soil etc.) has the same consciousness but is sleeping or less evolved. Then there are more evolved planes like plant life and marine life. Then consciousness evolves itself a little more and manifests as animal life, and its further evolution manifests as Human life. But even in human life, it is partly awake and we are given the choice to become fully awake; this possibility exists in each human being. When we utter the words “Lokah Samastah”, we are calling out and praying for all sentient beings that exist in each of these planes of existence and beyond.

Sukha: Sukha means well being and can be classified broadly into 3 categories i.e. physical Sukha (sense of security, protection and bodily well being), mental & emotional Sukha (feeling of balance and well being at the thoughts and emotions level: love, friendship, respect, connections, acceptance etc.) and spiritual Sukha (state of perfect harmony between the inner world of formless and the outer world of forms).

When we chant this mantra as a prayer, we are praying for the Sukha of each being at all these levels but with a special emphasis on the highest Sukha (spiritual well being). And the highest Sukha for all beings is freedom from illusion, darkness & limited-ness; and the realisation of eternal truth, light & ever-expanding sense of limitless-ness.

With this, there is also a deep realisation that we all are totally inter-dependent on everything that exists. Without this interdependence life cannot exist, as life is nothing but a great phenomenon of co-existence and beautiful inter-dependence. Which also means that, one cannot achieve one’s highest Sukha alone, as everyone’s highest Sukha is also inter-dependent. Without you touching your Sukha, I cannot attain my highest Sukha, so every being’s evolution is extremely important for my own evolution. Even at the very basic level, you cannot be happy or healthy if your entire neighborhood is unhappy or sick.

Every passing day, this prayer is strengthening its roots in our collective consciousness and is opening doors to the divine for all of us.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu

May all beings, in all planes of existence, achieve their highest Sukha (spiritual well-being)