When our daily lives become all consuming, it is hard to see the wood from the trees. We are wrapped up in our responsibilities and routines, and after a while we lose sight of the bigger picture; the wonder of who we are, what is our truth, what is our purpose in life…?

Retreat means to take a step back from the world. It is a sacred opportunity to deepen one’s quest for truth by carving out space in our lives to go on an inner journey, and step out of our every day patterns; a process which is deeply supported by the retreat setting.

Take a step towards the divine and the divine will take 1000 steps towards you.

Saadho retreats are an integration of all aspects of human well-being and spiritual quest. Led by a Sri Anish, a living presence and guide to thousands of friends across the world, we can uncover our true nature and find our authentic inner path – aligning our highest aspirations to the way we live our life. Sri Anish has a unique way to bring ancient & contemporary teachings into our everyday context for us to connect, relate and grasp them. It is this unique lived andauthentic experience of his which makes each retreat a deep and life changing process.

Each retreat will incorporate yoga with our trained yoga teacher Shivani to reveal the true essence of yoga and take us on a journey from physical postures (asanas) to an expanded awareness of our body mind. Being lovers of kirtan and mantra chanting, our retreats also involve a sound journey via devotional music sessions and collective chants to take us deeper into the stillness of our being. There are also Group meditations to expand our awareness and get in
touch with our inner space of love light and peace and Walks in Nature to connect with our beloved Mother Earth.