What is a True Satsang?

August 2019

Recently in Pune a beautiful gathering took place with many friends and seekers from all age groups. The dialogue started with a simple yet meaningful question ‘What is a true Satsang?’ Our dear friend Sri Anish unfolded the answer with a touching poem.

Moving forward, we collectively pondered on the question ‘What is happiness?’ The subsequent discussion helped us identify the difference between true happiness and the state of excitement/anticipation that we often confuse with happiness. True happiness is the state of silence and ultimate relaxation when we are not busy pursuing happiness outside and the whole goal of spirituality is to stabilize oneself in this inner state of blissfulness.

The discussion then steered towards the multitude of experiences but the one experiencer behind them. To help us bring closer to the experiencer we are, Sri Anish guided us through a small experiment. It was understood that the experiencer never changes; but the content of mind keeps changing and unfortunately we keep identifying ourselves with the latter. While the truth is that we are like a blank screen, where all the flavours and fragrances of life are appearing and disappearing. We are not being affected by it. This is who we truly are.
Sri Anish spoke about creating a space/ecosystem which can support everyone in touching the peak of humanity. All spirituality, religion and sadhana is only done to touch this state of deep compassion. A state where your ‘sukha’ and my ‘sukha’ is one and the same. How beautiful it would be!