"Living together" RetreatAuroville, Pondicherry, South India, Jan' 2020

“The Retreat itself was a wonderful experience. Of course, there was great food, daily yoga classes, trips to the ocean and the nearby attractions of Auroville with likeminded people. From the West and India.
That in itself was wonderful, but what really struck me was the caring, the overall sense of togetherness and friendship. The retreat was really an exploration what it means to live together in mutual respect and care. A real inner Yoga so to say.
And somehow, we all created the experience together and could explore our own tendencies and reactions in the encounters with others, catalysed by the Satsangs and kirtan session.

In one of the daily Satsangs Sri Anish said something like: “If we just could learn to all live together peacefully – that in itself would liberate us. And I think that is an aspect of spiritual life which is not always, if at all, emphasized – or seen at all: It is not about “ourselves” alone, doing the right practice, remembering a complicated mantra, acquiring the right knowledge, or having great experiences-
but only in daily life, in relationship with others and the world – in the world right here and now – we can actually see where we really stand in our inner journey. For that we don’t have to have a big bag of knowledge, but overall (Self-) Acceptance, honesty, the wish to connect and to open the heart to ourselves and others.
This, one could sense, is the relief of suffering and the joy of life: to experience oneself as part of the whole web of life – like holding hands with our fellow travellers and supporting each other on the journey back home.”

~ Ralf Schultz, Yoga teacher, Germany