Reflections on Jagat Kalyan…

20th January 2020

Last week we had a very interactive dialogue gathering in Mumbai with Sri Anish and Saadho friends. Thanks to our dear friends Jhankar Goel and Manu Goel for organizing this at their lovely home. There were a few recurring questions in everybody’s mind about family responsibility, work, future security and ambition in the light of spirituality.

Sri Anish explained beautifully that ambition is not a negative thing. But “when your ambition is limited to just your own self which might include your family too, it will lead to suffering. But when you include everybody’s well being in your ambition (Jagat Kalyan) then it surely leads to everlasting contentment, peace & bliss”.

This opened up a very lively dialogue after which one participant asked what is the “take away” from the satsangh. To which Sri Anish compassionately answered that there is no conclusion to give, no answer to take away. Our minds want an answer because that makes it feel comfortably numb, in the illusion of knowing and it stops questioning temporarily, but what helps on the path is to break concepts, not create new ones. Can we contemplate on the question rather than be fed with an answer? A blessing indeed… 💐🙏💐