3- Day Retreat

For: Meditators, Leaders and Seekers

17th to 20th Sept, 2022

“A 3-day immersive retreat in the Himalayas with Sri Anish”

This is an opportunity to be in a profound meditative space and to help us move from “Asatya to Satya of Life”.

In this retreat, we will explore and create a deeper connection with our inner mystic – the infinite guiding source. We will also learn powerful meditation practices to bring more clarity & harmony between our inner world of thoughts and outer world of manifestation.

असतो मा सद्गमय – Why do we need to embark on the spiritual journey.

Who Am I – who we really are?

Exploring the mysteries of mind, matter and consciousness.

And the essentials – which are often missed.

Format of the retreat will include



Collective Walks

Kirtan & Chanting

Yoga Practice

Initiation into Namo Abhyasa

Sri Anish is an ex-corporate CEO & a successful entrepreneur. In 2006, he moved to the Himalayas & spent over a decade for his deeper spiritual quest. Now, he is a spiritual teacher, visionary, an author, keynote speaker & founder of a spiritual community ‘Saadho Sangha’. His vision is to ‘raise the collective human consciousness’ & ‘connect spiritual wisdom with nation-building’. Sri Anish has initiated many projects in education, youth empowerment, leadership awakening & creating conscious media content to fulfill this vision.

Date: 17th Sept to 20th Sept

Location: Blossoms Village Resort, Dharamshala

Includes Stay & Food & Retreat Contribution

Rs. 23,000

AC Room Twin Sharing (per participant)

Rs. 30,000

AC Room Single Person (per participant)

For any queries, contact our sangha volunteer

Nandini : 9131769893



Saadho Farms

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Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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