Leadership Dialogue for Building Resilience

-- Zoom Live Session Recording of 15th May, 2021--

Program Highlights

When the consciousness meets the real world challenges of business leaders, a beautiful synthesis happens. This program was one such synthesis of science & spirituality; heartfully weaved by Sri Anish with the immensely valuable inputs by his co-speakers Mr.Padmakar K. & Dr. Asha Bhandarker.  The Event was ably supported by Good People Relations. The deliberations and key learnings of the program include the following:

  • We are going through a tremendous transition and we need to update our consciousness, it is beyond the pandemic.
  • Leaders have a very important role to build a heart centric resilience and to develop the capacity to have both-macro and micro view of the situations and responses.
  • Science & Spirituality are not two divergent aspects, they are parts of the same wholeness – Spirituality is science of the inner, and science is the manifestation of spirituality outside.
  • Heart is the central space of connecting, leading, compassion & inclusiveness – it is the soil of heart on which the real resilience takes root and mind then supports this new way of leading.
  • We  build a genuine and long lasting resilience when the roots of our mind are firmly established in the soil of our heart.