Saadho's offering of Dialogues

Guided by this ancient oral tradition, Saadho has made ‘Satsangh’ (spiritual dialogues) an integral part of its work of spreading the light of consciousness. Sri Anish has been guiding many spiritual aspirants across the world using this powerful way of conducting deeper dialogues. These are very interactive gatherings, where aspirants get an opportunity to ask questions about their concerns or difficulties that they are facing on the inner journey and get clarity, pointers, inspiration and insights on how to deal with them and move beyond.

These gatherings are open to anyone who wants to explore one’s inner world, irrespective of one’s belief system, spiritual affiliations or type of school of yoga/meditation one subscribes to.

An Ancient path... for modern times

In ancient times, pointers on the path of inner awakening and spiritual teachings were shared in the ‘oral tradition’. Sages knew that it is not just the content of teaching that enables the seeker to gain clarity and direction but it is the strength of spiritual vibration that flows from the teacher and which becomes amplified in a collective sangha setting. The process of writing down knowledge, documenting it and creating scriptures came much later.

This oral way of sharing wisdom and guiding seekers on the path is still one of the most impactful mediums to bring spiritual transformation. In the Indian tradition, the word for this way of sharing, guiding and inspiring people on the path is ‘Satsangh’. It is a beautiful word made up of two different words, ‘Sat’ meaning ‘Truth’ and ‘Sangha’ meaning ‘in the company of’. So, ‘Satsangh’ literally means, ‘in the company of or communion with Truth’.

Dialogues with Sri Anish

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