Devi Full Satsang - 1

22nd Nov 2020

namaste and welcome everybody

so happy to see you all once again and that was such a such a beautiful and powerful kirtan by our lovely team of sadhu keith and friends i think the prime voice was of

nil yeah so happy to see you all

am i audible clearly can somebody confirm


yeah good thank you

such a beautiful afternoon morning friends these sessions are like world integration sessions because friends from india uk germany and different parts of europe we all log in together so different continents on one screen so to say today is a very special beginning

this is the first time we’re beginning this series of three consecutive satsangs on the devi energy they be whom we call the mother of universe we’ve chosen this time to begin the series as some of you may know from next week onwards we’re entering into a very auspicious festival nine days nine nights of devi energy the devi sadhana the festival in india is called navratri now means nine rathri means knights so to prepare ourselves to receive the grace of devi we thought it is it is a good idea to initiate or dedicate these three weeks 21 days to day visa now beginning today

so every sunday for next three sundays will meet at the same time before we begin the dialogue today there’s a very beautiful yet extremely simple mantra of the devi i want all of us to chant this mantra together to invoke the devi because we can’t enter into any process without her grace so before we chant the mantra together i would like to say a few things on the mantra so that we all understand the profoundity of the simple mantra i would request anandi to share the mantra screen with all of us


so the mantra begins with i’ll explain it in sanskrit and as well as in english

so as every mantra begins with the chant of om so it says om s

i’ll repeat this line before moving forward

so the salutation home and salutation to the one server mangala mangalya salutation to the one whose auspiciousness in all that is auspicious

meditate on this salutations to the one whose auspiciousness in all that is auspicious

for to the concert consort of shiva

sarvarta sadiq has a very beautiful meaning means in a simple way could mean the one whose accomplisher of all the objectives all the pursuit but there’s another deeper meaning of that also that salutation to the mother server

who make sure that all the four stages of human pursuits are being achieved what are the four stages of human pursuit the dharma is the first stage of human pursuit the earth which is the material wealth is the second pursuit the karma which is the enjoyment the sense pleasure of all that we can experience through the senses and moksha the final liberation from the cyclic movement of life and death so all these four key pursuit of human existence the mantra says we salute to that we invoke that devi who make sure that all these four objectives are also accomplished profound that’s the second one and the third sutra the mantra says

means the one who is the source of all the refuge

means the three-eyed ones that’s a literal meaning but that also means the one who is the who’s the mother of all the three worlds you know we say that in the in the indian tradition we use this word a lot tina loka the three worlds

the first word is the bhumi the the the plane of existence of earth the first loka the second loka is the anthrax the space the look of the space the plane of existence of the space and the third loka is of the heavens so you have earth as as first realm of existence then you have heaven as the third realm of existence and you have the space as the secondary arm of existence so the mantra says the one who is the lord who is the owner who is a mother of all the three worlds of existence this can also triumph can also be translated into the one who governs all the three energies what are the three energies the rajas the energy of activity the sattva the energy of absolute balance and tamas the energy energy of inertia so the mother we are invoking the mother who’s also the lord also the mother of the three energies she governs all these three energies can also be interpreted threeambake can also be interpreted as the mother who governs all the three phases of time as we experience in human realm what are the three phases of time the past is phase one the present is phase two and the future is phase three so the mother who also governs all the three phases of time as we experience as human beings

sanstrit is a beautiful language each word has multiple connotations when used in a different perspective the meaning of the word changes so triambake can be explained into these multiple ways gory the literal meaning of the word gauri sharanya thrambake gauri the literal meaning of the word gory is the fair-skinned one one would wonder why why would they say why would they make this distinction between fair skin and not fair skin well that’s not what the meaning of the word here here the word gory means the one who emanates light once whose entire body is the body of light that mother we are invoking the last line says

the again in a different way of saying narayani who is the better half who’s the who’s the uh how do i say narayani is the better half of narayana and narayana is the lord of the world so in different words we’re saying the same things through this mantra and then namaste means we bow down so we go down to this devi to this mother that’s the meaning of this this beautiful chant will for five minutes we’ll all chant this mantra together

there’s a caller response and they will lead that there’s a recording and then in our own spaces in our own homes we’ll just chant this mantra to invoke the grace of the devi so that we are able to enter into this phase here anandi shall we begin




thank you anandi and sadhukitan for this very beautiful invocation

you know thing about invocation and many times during the satsang i experienced that

that the invocation itself sometimes is so powerful that it possesses you takes hold of you becomes really difficult to

to speak

to speak

puts you in complete silence

beautiful thank you friends at sadhu kitan for such powerful heart touching and heart opening and location

let’s begin

so some of you who’ve joined us for these online satsangs for the first time

just to share with you the format i’ll talk a few things about devi

and if during the dialogue if there are any thoughts any questions anything that you want to ask or share we use the chat medium for that you’re very free to share whatever you want to share on the chat during the dialogue i’ll take few pauses in between and and look at some of your comments yeah

namaste let’s begin so they be the mother of universe

how in the human realm how we experience things

at the basic level of our existence the world as we know it moves progresses expands when the two forces come together the male force and the female force when they come together the world begins the the movement of the world starts but this word female in english is very beautiful because if you see female the male is already incorporated in this world so which means the just just looking at the word female the male is already part of it she’s already holding the male in her and these are often a debate who’s supreme can we not look at the word and see that well we’ll explore during these three weeks

but at the cosmic scale

we the entire world of form the entire world of manifestation comes from the mother because she is the womb without the womb no form can exist without the womb no form can manifest itself so at the cosmic level she’s the womb from where everything is emerging

it’s very beautiful that every human being connects to her connects to this devi shakti in different forms and different rupas

i’m sure you’ve heard about sri ramakrishna paramhansa one of a great yogi vedanti tantric devotee you know these adjectives are too less to describe

ramakrishna paramahansa so he connected to this energy as the mother as the mother energy as kali you know rama connects with this energy as as his beloved sita shiva connected with this energy as parvati his consort krishna connected with this energy as as somebody else as a companion he can dance with as radha and she’s also she can also takes the form of kali the the aggressive one to destroy all the evil in us she she takes that rupa that form also

the other word to describe her is also a very beautiful word called shakthi the english parlance of this word shakthi would be power yeah but actually shakti is not just power that’s that’s a limited understanding when we use this word shakti the root word for shakti is called shak and the meaning in sanskrit i’m saying the root word for the word shakti is shaky and the meaning of this word chuck is

the one who can do or or let’s say can do so the meaning the literal meaning of the sanskrit word shakthi is the one who can do so shakti is that that power that energy that source which can do which can which can manifest which can create forms which can do anything yeah and when i say anything is literally anything

she can do the creation as the mother she can also sustain this creation and she can also destroy this creation when i’m saying this creation could be any creation so all three possibilities of creation sustenance and destruction exist in her as shakti yeah i thought these are words that we use often it’s important that we know the meaning of these words you know in india there’s a whole tradition called the shakta tradition yeah these are the followers of shakti as energy as the mother as a form as as something which is beyond everything for the shaktas the devi the mother is the supreme there’s no god there’s no divinity there is no purusa there’s no consciousness which is supreme than her she is the whole of of this process called life yeah we build a whole tradition on that

there’s a beautiful story i would like to share since we are entering into this zone some of you might be aware of this story but i think this is really beautiful story so i thought i’ll share with you also to set the tone and to show you the profoundity of her her presence the story is of shiva and sati

sathi is the daughter of king called daksa

sati is in deep affinity love with shiva she wants to marry shiva but shiva as we know is wild she would be spending months and months together at the burning guards at the cremation grounds he would be days together he want to eat he’s a wild being as the story in the mythology goes

he would sometime make friends with the shawas the the dead bodies all the wild creatures are his friends are his playmates and in some senses he’s also a loner he’s a recluse

he puts the bhasma which is what’s the hindi english for basma

iraq uh what is rough ash yeah so he he smears his entire body with ash all the time extremely wild being so sati who’s in love with this wild being her father who’s a king does not approve of this marriage but somehow sati convinces the father to marry shiva and somehow he she also you know convinces shiva to marry her she has a she has a tough job one side making sure that shiva agrees another side making sure the father agrees she marries shiva but as we know the father is very displeased with this marriage but anyhow marriage has happened sati goes lives with chiva now the father daksa is hosting a big party big religious festival a yajna a fire ceremony he invites all the devas all the gods as the story goes he invites everybody but he does not invite shiva and the sati because he just want to kind of show his disrespect for for shiva because he’s not pleased with that marriage

sati hears about that and then sati convinces shiva to go to that wedding uh go to that that ceremony shiva refuses sati says okay i shall go because you know my father my family has organized this grand celebration sati goes attends that function but in the entire function the father is taking care of all the guests everybody but he does not talk to sati about her well-being or her husband’s well-being it is a extreme disrespect he shows to sati and shiva in fact he also says some not so nice words about shiva in that gathering sati is very pained to hear things not so nice things about her husband and she decides to end her life because she can’t bear this pain of disrespect to her husband she gives her body as the story goes in the fire of the yajna in that fire ceremony she pours her body into that and gives away her life shiva hears about that enraged full of anger full of pain full of sadness he’s a wild being he starts to dance like crazy like a madman which is called tanda in the mythology it says that when shiva does this mad ecstatic angry dance called tanda the whole world collapses all the devas from the heaven watches that and they are in trouble because they know that if shiva does that it will destroy the entire earth

shiva then holds the body of sati on his shoulder and he’s dancing

the god vishnu comes and then the story goes he he has a discus and with his discus he cuts the body of the sati into 51 parts so that shiva is is rid of the body of the body of the satishiva is rid of this pain this enormous profound pain

and then the 51 pieces of the body of sati falls into 51 areas these are these are areas which are largely in asia just not india they’re in bangladesh they’re in nepal they’re in chi china and then few other places these are also called chaktipitas where we build enormous power centers of temples there anyhow the story goes that now shiva is not sati she’s he’s lost sati he is absolutely disinterested in this life he becomes an absolute recluse not talking to anybody not interested in this world anymore he sits in the mountain all alone in the snow to cool himself off

then sati who’s who’s dead now takes another birth this time she takes the birth as the daughter of the mountains her name is parvati the daughter of parwat parwat is the mountains the mountain lords that’s how she gets her name parvati

she’s in love with shiva again old lifetimes of association what to do she’s in love with chiva again but now she was become total recluse he won’t look at anybody parvati then the gods tell parvati to do do deep penance do deep tapasya sadhana for eons together for shiva to please him parvati does that shiva gets pleased and finally shiva agrees to marry parvati again the family units come together now shiva is recluse there’s an interesting thing about this story the shiva is recluse he’s wild he’s he’s sometimes horrible to look at fear it can generate fear in you to look at that image of shiva dreadlocks

serpents and and all kinds of insects moving around his body parvati the daughter of king finally marries shiva

not just that she gets two sons from shiva which i would say not just that she also makes sure that shiva becomes more social she has that power the shakthi the energy the parvati the mother the divine the goddess the feminine has that enormous power to convert shiva from a recluse from a wild being to a societable man story goes shiva parvati convinces shiva to leave the abode in the kerala sha the mountains and come down and settle in the cities behave live like normal human beings be with his devotees not up there all the time where devotees can’t even reach him be in the world mingle with the people of the world see their agony feel their agony and then pour his loves love on on the devotees the shakti does that shiva and shakti which is parvati they finally come down from the mountains and settle down in the city of banaras kashi

varanasi one city three names so kashi becomes the new home new abode for shiva and parvati

why i’m sharing this story with you

the the story has multiple dimension primarily it shows us the the power of shakthi her power of love and devotion is so intense she can come back again and and marry shiva again

and the power of love and devotion is so much that it can change even like even a being like shiva that’s the enormous power of shakti that the shakti can even change a being like shiva make him a human being should you say a being of this world yeah another another example to to show you again from the mythology you know there’s a great book on meditation called vikkyan bhairava tantra this book has 112 meditations which which shiva gave to the world it is said that these are the only 112 meditations in the world and all the other meditations if there are any are derived from these 112 you cannot conceive or create any other form of meditation which is not in alignment with one of these 112 techniques of meditation these are the techniques which parvati got or somehow she she i won’t say manipulated but she convinced shiva to speak these 112 techniques to her so actually shiva gave these 112 meditation techniques of virgin bear of tantra to devi to parvati to shakti and through her then it kind of came to all of us so she is the one whatever meditation that we are experiencing or doing attributes or or we should be in gratitude in thankfulness to the devi to parvati because of her these meditations have come to us through any lineage that you follow yeah so that’s that’s another way of showing you the enormous power of shakthi

in this tradition we also look at shakti or this entire existence in another interesting way and that is purusa and prakriti

these friends are some of the these are some of the fundamental foundational understandings before we can go deeper into the aspects of duality before we can enter into the aspects of of divine goddesses yeah so so these are the foundation it’s important for us to understand be firm in this foundation yeah

so purusha and prakriti another word of another way of looking at the existence the duality of existence the consciousness and the manifestation so in this tradition we say that

the shiva or the shiva essence which is also called the male essence the purusa essence is the essence of consciousness non-moving non-creating non-doing just there as consciousness no attribute this consciousness has no attributes this consciousness cannot create the world as we feel see sense experience the consciousness is just there as purusa as a male being so to say so what makes then the world appear the way it is it is the shakthi it is the manifestation of consciousness it is the the devi the mother the shakti which makes this this world look feel like the way it is yeah so these are two ways the the male way is of non-doing the female ways of creating of manifesting that’s another way of looking at this this duality

there are many sadhakas there are many seekers who follow the path of consciousness alone if you talk to them they would say everything is that consciousness it feels a bit dry because there’s no color there’s no dance there’s no ecstasy in that yeah but then there are those who are the worshiper of the shakthi of the divine mother this dance this play there is rang there is color in that yeah these are the beings who are not rejecting the world who are embracing the world as it is not rejecting it yeah poor now i i call that as a pun sadhana poonam means complete total sadhana where you embrace the world of form also and then you also witness the world of formless at the same time but you don’t reject the one for the other yeah foundation now the question here is

many times we feel that we want to touch that formless dimension that unknown dimension in our sadhana in our meditativeness yeah but the question is can you touch that formless dimension without touching the form without living or feeling the sacredness of the form can you enter into the formless domain that’s the question i’ll prove that have you seen a shiva temple friends i’m sure we all have seen a shiva temple if not in our physical personal experience in the photographs some of our western friends might have seen this just in the photograph but at shiva temple the the the iconography the depiction of the shiva temple the manifestation of that is very beautiful so you see the shiva linga in the center yeah as a as a standing linga which is covered by the the yoni the female organ so there’s a female organ and then there’s a linga in between you can’t go to the linga so it’s like the the yoni is covering the linga she is the outer form in fact many shiva temples even to enter into the temple you first have to go to the devi temple and then you are allowed to go into the shiva temple traditionally that’s how it is you cannot approach a shiva temple directly or even if you have to go to the shiva temple there is a circuitry around that circuitry is the devi the yoni you have to go to that first before you are able to enter into the the center yeah that’s a depiction but the point is the same you cannot touch the dimension of consciousness the unmanifest without living the sacredness of the manifest and i’m using the word sacredness of the manifest

a friend is asked a question this morning and i said i’ll talk about that in today’s satsang he asked that why i am so attached to the world of form to the manifestation to the material world so much that i feel it hampers my spiritual journey i thought that’s a very important question and i thought it’s very relevant today in this talk to talk about it

let me repeat the question the friend asked i hope that friend this friend is on the on the call today he asked that why i am so attached to the world of form to the manifestation to the material inverted comas and i’m not able to pursue my spiritual inverted comas sadhana or pursuit

whatever i’ve spoken so far do you get a glimpse of the answer here do you get the glimpse of this answer let me explain what did i say just now i said to touch the conscious dimension to the dimension of the unmanifest you have to go through the dimension of manifest you have to go through the dimension of form that’s the first thing the second thing i said within that is you have to experience and live the world of form the manifestation as sacred manifestation so what you are calling as material pursuit if there is no sacredness attached to that then you are missing the devi then you’re missing the shakti

then you’re missing the mother without her there is no spiritual journey which is possible because look at it from a different perspective who we are right now in our experience who we are are we consciousness in our experience not not gathered knowledge in our absolute experience who we are right now are we consciousness alone in our experience no we’re not consciousness alone in our experience right now we are form in our experience right now i am this body too

yeah i am my senses too

yeah i am this construct i say i am i am that construct we can call it the ego construct it’s all right ego is not that bad the world so i am that ego also that’s how i experience the world right now yeah i am my thoughts and my emotions also i feel deep affinity deep emotion for the mother i am that emotion too and yes i am consciousness too but i am all of this which you can call grass which you can call material i am this material too

yeah now look at the way mind works it says that whatever you identify with as grass or as material is bad is low what are we saying we sing this beautiful sacred manifestation of the divine mother we’re saying we’re rejecting it

we say no no we’re not interested in that we’re only interested in the unknown higher unexplainable consciousness alone we’re rejecting the mother we’re rejecting that mother which even shiva did not reject mind you we are rejecting that world of form and matter which even shiva did not reject in fact he came to that world of form and matter in the city of kashi

are we bigger than that are we even bigger than that that we are rejecting all the matter all the form all the sacredness of the manifestation no don’t do that the issue the problem is the matter itself is not a problem the material world the material objects even the objects of desire are not a problem

yeah that’s exactly what i’m saying you heard me right the world of matter the objects of your desire are not bad

but the problem is if you take the sacredness out of it that’s where the problem begins you follow if any object if i take the sacredness out of that object if i forget that that object to is a manifestation of the mother because she is the journey she is the mother of all that you see experience feel touch she is the womb of all of that my friend how can you reject it are you following me so the only issue is we have taken the motherly element out of the matter we’ve reduced the matter to utility alone that’s the problem the hindi word for this is the word called bhoga i’m sure we’ve heard this word and western friends bhog b-h-o-g-a bhoga or bhog means indulgence yeah i think that’s the right one vogue means indulgence in the indian tradition especially in the yogic and tantric tradition we use these two words which are part of a shloka actually and the word art or or the or the context is from bhoga to yoga from bhoga to yoga in english i will explain the context is from indulgence to meditativeness

yeah or from indulgence to joining because the literal meaning of yoga is to join follow this follow this dialogue my friend

you’re only looking at the world of matter as all these objects of of pleasure so to say just you’ve reduced them only for their utility you’ve used you’ve looked at you’re looking at them only as bhoga only as indulgence you have somehow missed the yoga element out of it you’ve taken the sacredness out of it

look at it this way i have this cup of tea here warm tea here

yeah i can drink this tea

and continue to talk to you just as a bohga i used just now i use this tea just as a boga just as an indulgence just as an object of desire no sacredness okay another way of looking at it cup of tea in my hand we talking i take a pause in that pause i move inward

i invoke the divine mother

i know she is also here in this form of manifestation because nothing can exist without her even the tea which is contained inside

even when i drank this sip of tea i remembered the narayani i remembered the sacredness which is there in this sip of tea also i remembered that she is the mother of this tea and i remembered that through this object through this manifestation i can reach to her i have maintained the sacredness of this do you follow do you follow like in the last satsang series we talked about food so much

we talked about why food is sacred how food is sacred when we’re saying food is sacred we saying she is food too because it’s a manifestation can you have any food item plant which can be produced without the feminine aspect you saw the seed on on the ground on the okay let’s look at it this way earth i give you a fertile piece of land extremely fertile piece of land where the soil is supremely rich very fertile

you put a seed there seed being the symbol of male masculine you put a seed in there but there is no moisture in the soil though it’s a very fertile soil all the nutrients are there but there’s no moisture there’s no water there’s no feminine water in that soil can the seed germinate no for the seed to germinate you just don’t need the nutritive soil you need moisture water water is a depiction in this example as of feminine you need the feminine on the soil and that feminine will come and nurture the seed and that’s how a plant will come and then a flower will come and then flower two has a male and a female and then the female energy will take over and the flower will become the fruit can you have food without the touch of divinity without the blessing of the mother energy the shakthi energy the devi energy the feminine energy no you cannot have even the food hence we said food too is sacred it too is a dimension of divinity are you falling so it’s not that you kill all the matter run away from all the matter don’t do that that’s not how the world is designed that’s not how the how the world of sadhana is also designed no as i said there’s a shloka which says from the bhoga to the yoga when you start to experience every particle of matter each object of your desire in its immensity in its absolute sacredness that’s when the magic happens that’s when you start to see the the sacred element in this that’s when an object has become divine just based on this we created the whole science of temple making you know we take a piece of stone a dead stone

object a stone is an object utilitarian probably but what do we do with that stone in a temple

we attach sacredness to that stone prana pratishtha we bring the life force into that stone

the sacredness and then that particular stone becomes divine for us pujunia and a symbol of divinity a symbol of spirituality or symbol of religiousness in the right context

so the same object which was just an object suddenly has transformed itself and has become supreme manifestation of the divine the mother exists you bring the mother into that stone

again ramakrishna paramanza you know the story he was appointed as the priest of the kali temple what is kali what is kali

okay i just looked at the time i think let’s take a quick break not a break pause huh let’s take a quick pause let me take a look at some of the chats if there are any and then i’ll come back to this to this description of kali there’s some few comments and questions i’ll come to that in a bit just to finish this

so ramakrishna he was appointed as a priest of kali temple what is kali in that temple for others for others what is kali in that temple for others kali was just a statue an image a stone stone image and they would do all the rituals as prescribed to to that image of kali every day but for ramakrishna paramanza she was just not an image she was mother herself a living being sitting there so for ramakrishna his way of of worshiping her touching her feeding her talking to her was as if she’s a physical alive person sitting there for her the stone had become so sacred the stone image had become so sacred that for for him in his perception it was no less than the living divine mother yeah so from from the bhoga to the yoga do not reduce the world of objects and matter just to its utility see the mother see the see the sacredness in each and it’ll transform your experience yeah okay there are few interesting comments slash questions um okay

serif says us would it be appropriate to say that consciousness retains less suffering than the realm of manifestation

i would say in this context in which we are talking about if you see the realm of manifestation has suffering then the realm of manifestation also has beauty also as as divinity also as sacredness also as pleasure also has

all the positivities yeah so the the realm of manifestation has everything in it whatever you can perceive of exist in the realm of manifestation but many of us try to reject the realm of manifestation and straight away want to go to the realm of consciousness i’m saying that’s not possible you are of manifestation you will have to go through manifestation and that’s the essence of mother here why are we rejecting the pain and accepting the the beauty only why are it’s like we are very shrewd business people then we’re saying i only want the prophet not the loss and if you say in my business they’ll be lost also so i reject the business itself and run to the himalayas you follow no that’s not how life exists in the realm of manifestation everything exists and as i said earlier if you start to see sacredness in each manifestation the suffering will be much less and suffering that you experience in the world of manifestation also has a purpose nothing exists here without a cause or a purpose yeah that’s for another discussion yeah but my my suggestion would be do not cut yourself off or reject the ream of manifestation only through this rearm there is a possibility of entering into any other rear

yeah let me explain that i hope you will be able to understand this but let me explain it little bit from a tantric perspective without going into too much of details of that simple in this energy system this or rather this

sahasrara is the seat of shiva consciousness the top chakra in human system and the base chakra the muladhara is the top of is the is the seat for shakti did you see the magic here at the base muladhara is a seat of shakti

at the top sahastrara is the seat of shiva consciousness so the journey and from the base of the spine to the top of the head is the whole journey which we call sadhana right what is this journey in hindi i would say this journey is called jagat the world the world w-o-r-l-d in hindi is called the world of form is called jagat the meaning of word jagat is gati gati means movement so this entire world of human experience this life that has been given to us is the life of gati is the life of movement nothing exists in this life without any movement even breath is a movement without this primary movement will not be here the spiritual sadhana what is the movement the moment the movement is of shakthi which is the base of the spine to the sahastrara to the top of the crown that’s the movement so the jagat the the life the earth has been formed the realm of manifestation has been formed in such a way that you do this journey of rising of of taking the shakti from the base to the consciousness this is the spiritual journey now if you say i only want to dwell here and not be not deal with the shakti the mother then there is no journey happening then you’re only i’m not saying you but i’ve seen many people only existing in a conceptual domain of sadhana and not really doing the sadness so there’s no movement happening yeah think about that contemplate on it if there is any more question that comes in your in your being in your thoughts then we’ll talk about that also but for now it is very important to contemplate on this yeah okay

another friend has asked could you suggest how to fast during the nine days yeah few things about fasting quickly there’s one kind of fasting which is just the food fasting and i i understand that probably you’re asking about just the food fasting but when we talk about fasting during certain special days as these nine days and nine nights are very special for sadhana when we talk about fasting then it’s just not the food fasting that we talk about we also talk about the work fasting which is the speech fasting the thought fasting yeah so fasting must happen at multiple even the fasting of the actions so ideally what is prescribed in these nine days if you can follow that observe food fasting and i always say you must observe food fasting the way your system allows there’s no rights and wrongs in that because right and wrongs come from the egoistic state what matters really is the inner half inner inner space when you are observing fasting yeah so ideally whenever you do food fasting you must only follow the satwik the absolute natural way of eating whatever little you want to eat or your body needs yeah so if you can sustain on just raw foods or raw vegetables or or liquids that’s beautiful because what we are trying to do through food fasting is pouring much less burden on the system for digestion so that we have more energy available for sadhana that’s what we want to achieve through food fasting yeah so whatever literally your body needs to survive and sustain and be comfortable because if you make your body too agitated for lack of food it will take your senses away from your sadhana focus and the thoughts of food will come to your mind all the time which is then not healthy for sadhana yeah so simple is beautiful is the mantra here that’s about the food fasting i also suggest do speech fasting especially during those days because we lose a lot of energy through talking do speech fasting during these nine days speak only that which is essential whatever is non-essential you won’t speak yeah three also do fasting of the senses primarily the eyes why eyes because we also release and lose a lot of energy through eyes we don’t realize that but looking at the screens or looking at the books reading and especially screens which are taking all your attention away we lose a lot of vital energy through that so during these nine days if you can if you can do fasting also do the fasting of the eyes which means what which means spend as much time as possible being in eyes closed movements so if you’re sitting just sit with eyes closed if you’re lying down lying down with eyes closed if you’re walking don’t walk with eyes closed that’s dangerous if you’re walking make sure that if your eyes are seeing they are seeing nature as much as possible because nature is revitalizing healing look at the trees look at the plants look at the birds look at the space look at the sky lie down look at the blue sky if you have to open eyes and look then look at that because these are vitalizing these are energy giving these are calming yeah so observe food fasting or fasting of the senses and last also observe fasting of the unnecessary action we do a lot of unnecessary action during the day yeah so observe yourself restrain unnecessary action if you’re going to office if you’re doing your professional work do that which is extremely essential if there are a few days in between you can take some time off that’s even better yeah so these are some of the ways for fasting and when you do this fasting hopefully the thought fasting will stop start to happen on its own yeah okay there are a few more comments on the box let me just go through them

beautiful okay

some very beautiful and thought-provoking questions uh monika singh is asked that you know the divine feminine devi we worship but why there are so many crimes against women females what should sadhakas do so that people see more divinity in all and such cases reduced i’m just reading out the questions right now because i don’t think we have time to answer all let me just see nithesh what is the difference between hallucination and experience of sri ramakrishna with mother kali i will take up all the questions may not be in this session maybe in the next session but since we still have a few minutes left

i will take one quick question is asked is shakti equal to female very beautiful question meenakshi i want to dedicate next sunday on just this thought but just to give you a hint of it this is a big misconception that we have hardness or that we have cultivated over a period of time which is that when we talk about shakthi we think the female form we think the gender i’m very happy you asked that because when we talk about shakti we’re not talking about the gender female these are two different aspects french please note this when we’re talking about shakti when we’re talking about mother when talking about goddess we’re talking about certain attributes we are not necessarily talking about the gender female though the female gender is a representation of shakti i’m using the word representation

the female gender is a representation of shakti

but if i use the word manifestation i said all that exists is a manufacturing manifestation of shakti including the gender male

so for now just keep this in your thought and your consciousness that the aspect of shakthi the devi the mother we’re talking about attributes

and and when we talk about male and female we’re talking about genders yeah so don’t get confused with that in the next session we’ll talk more in detail about that yeah hope it answers for now

um before we end okay there are few more question friends you please remember your questions i have saved your questions to be taken up during the next dialogue today this much is the time which we are allocated for this things that i’ve talked about today to me they are very foundational understanding i’ve spoken to many sadhakas many seekers and i’ve realized even the foundational understandings are not correct hence i thought to dedicate this entire session on setting the foundation right on understanding what is what is manifestation what is devi what is what is feminine energy when we talk about that we’ll continue this dialogue next sunday same time before we end i request all of you to take a one minute pause close your eyes please comfortably just for a minute in absolute silence

oh yes beautiful uh request all of you to kindly open your video views for one more minute we’ll just be in version space looking at each other connecting with each other also to remind you that in next in a few hours from now we’ll also hold the online zoom meditation session for half an hour on devi most of you must have received the invite and link for that already you most welcome to join

beautiful so heartwarming to see you all every time we meet thank you very much babeek

so happy to see you both there so namaste and thank you very much param jiti so good to see you vijay ji namaste jasdeep meethu so happy to see you both

abhishek and nandani and so on all three of them beautifully sitting there so happy to see you silva namaste silva my father and my mother from delhi have joined namaste namaste so happy to see you namaste melanie so good to see you melanie namaste sarah so happy to see you pardon me if i’m not able to pronounce some of your names correctly so math happy to see you so happy to see you deepak namaste namaste park thanks so good to see you ping namaste ping akshay happy to see you akshay daisy and ralph hello hello namaste noelia very happy to see you again noelia siddharth there namaste

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we have monica namaste monica i will talk about your question next sunday monika it’s important question shubham so happy to see you kem namaste namaste namaste nisha so happy to see you

sejal oh namaste good to see you sonal so happy to see you again sonal uh we cast there namaste because uh we have narendra namaste narendra happy to see you

we have few more friends here um i can’t read the name or meet bhartiya rajulakani so happy to see you all we have colonels up there we have vijay shakawat so happy to see you some more friends there i’m very very pleased happy to see you all please prepare yourself to enter into this very auspicious period of devi next sunday we’ll talk few more aspect on on the mother goddess to clear our understanding of that if there are any questions you’re free to share with us beforehand and i will try and take up as many questions as possible with that

namaste thank you everybody