Saadho Sangha Foundation (SSF)

Saadho Sangha Foundation (SSF) is a vehicle to manifest a divine vision that has been seeded in our hearts for some time now. It is a vision that is based on “The Truth of Universal Oneness”. It is a vision which highlights that humanity needs to re-calibrate itself; and that each of us need to realise our deepest potential, our highest purpose and our capacity to love unconditionally and live in harmony. It is a vision that prompts us to re-establish the culture of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. In Sanskrit “Vasudha” means the Earth, “iva” means is/indeed and “Kutumbakam” means the family. So this means “the whole earth is one family”.

With the blessings of the higher masters and guidance from many enlightened beings, (SSF) is working towards creating a nurturing eco-system which enables spiritual seekers from across the world to receive authentic guidance to learn, explore and support each other in their spiritual journey. Our dear friend and fellow spiritual traveler, Sri Anish has been mentoring the sangha on this great inner adventure.

It is Sri Anish’s feeling that deeper spiritual knowing is the core solution for all of our current problems ranging from the physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, political, financial and cultural. Our great Indian spiritual heritage and the work of other great masters from the East and from across the world has taught us the right and balanced way to live in harmony with every other part of life that exists. But unfortunately, we have forgotten this ancient wisdom which is much more needed and relevant today than any other time in human history.

The human race needs to become more sensitive, accommodating, loving, respecting & joyful again if it is to survive and evolve further. And each step on the journey forward needs to be spiritually conscious, both at the individual and at collective level.

(SSF) is dedicated to working towards this and enabling each one of us to inculcate “SADHANA” (conscious living) and “SEVA” (selfless service) in our day to day life, which becomes the two wings for spiritual flight in one’s life. Today, Saadho Sangha Foundation is a ‘Trust’ registered in Delhi, India to spread the light of inner awakening and to work towards uplifting the collective human consciousness & well being.


(SSF) is becoming a nurturing eco-system which welcomes friends from all over the world no matter which school of yoga, meditation or spiritual tradition they are from and irrespective of their faith or belief system. What really matters is the thirst for knowing in one’s heart and authentic willingness to connect with each other and with that one universal truth which resides in each heart.